Forgotten Felines Rescue

Most Denver area homeless cats never make it to a shelter. Unowned and breeding in perpetuity, they experience extreme suffering. We work together with citizens, volunteers and veterinarians to prevent kittens from being born on the street and to improve the lives of those already born or abandoned.

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General Information

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Forgotten Felines Rescue​​​​​​​
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3124 South Parker Road Suite A2-607
Aurora, CO 80014
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3124 South Parker Road Suite A2-607
Aurora, CO 80014
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3124 South Parker Road Suite A2-607
Aurora, CO 80014
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide spay/neuter services, food, shelter and adoption to homeless cats and kittens, along with public education

Organization History

Forgotten Felines Rescue (FFR) became an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2009. The organization was formed because there was no support for feral cat colony caretakers in regards to spay/neuter, adoption or veterinary care for street cats in the Denver metro area. The founders of FFR individually had many years of experience in taking care of feral cat colonies, including daily feeding, trap/neuter/return (TNR), providing veterinary care for injured cats, and rescuing and adopting abandoned cats and socialized kittens from these colonies. In 2010 we began to build the organization by seeking funding, recruiting volunteers and beginning to establish relationships with area spay/neuter and veterinary clinics. Our mission and goals have remained constant over the years and today FFR volunteers continue to be dedicated to helping homeless cats and kittens.

FFR is a network of volunteers and has no paid staff. The majority of every dollar that is donated or raised goes directly for providing spay/neuter and veterinary care for cats, with a very small percentage going to fulfilling the administrative requirements of a non-profit and to utilizing resources for publicizing our message, e.g. brochures, website, outreach, newsletters, etc. In addition to no paid staff, FFR has no expenses related to management, or rent/building maintenance/utilities.


"Forgotten Felines helped us to trap and fix a neighborhood colony which had grown to almost 40 cats. This was a situation we would never have been able to take care of on our own. In addition, they worked to try to find homes for socialized, adoptable kittens and tame cats to reduce the size of the feral colony. Their caring and compassion comes through in the hard work and effort they put forth. Thank you for everything!" -- Josh D. Aurora


"In July a mama cat came in to my backyard with 4 little kitties trailing behind her looking for fresh water. Within days I realized that they were homeless so I had to help take care of them. I became an instant caregiver. Another adult female quickly joined in the nightly feeding and before I knew it, I had a cat colony!
With Colorado's winter weather, I knew I had to give them a dependable safe and warm sanctuary. I have always had and loved cats, but the idea of taking care of a feral community was overwhelming. I came across information on the web about building winter shelters. My next step was to build them a motion activated lighted feeding shelter. Now they could eat and sleep comfortably without the harsh wind and snow getting to them and their food.
Low and behold, the second female adult gave birth to a litter of 7 kittens. I knew I had to do something because if I didn't, there would be little kittens growing up to have even more kittens. After searching for more information, I learned about TNR. But the whole idea of trying to "fix the problem" myself was quite daunting.
I didn't have a clue where to begin so in September I reached out to Forgotten Felines Rescue and immediately a volunteer contacted me. The very next day life changing events were set in motion. I was educated about humanely trapping the colony and was provided with traps for the cats to get used to eating in. On the night we scheduled to do the trapping, we successfully trapped 14 cats!
Forgotten Felines Rescue was with me every step of the way taking charge of the situation. I never once felt overwhelmed again! Without them I could never have accomplished this. Since the trapping, I have been fostering the kittens, getting them socialized and adopted to their forever homes." -- Claudia C. Aurora


"We always thought that we were "dog" people as opposed to "cat" people. But we were converted when we met Spicy and Dutchess and they found their way into our hearts. Spicy is our curious princess. She is graceful and beautiful - and knows it! Dutchess is our sweetheart. She is timid but is pure love and affection. Then we met Rockie (a.k.a. Monkee) and knew that he would be a wonderful addition to our family. He has livened up our home and become best friends with Spicy and Dutchess.
Thank you, Forgotten Felines, for rescuing these wonderful kitties and giving us the opportunity to make them part of our family. Each brings something special to our lives. We enjoy petting & playing with friends' dogs, but cannot imagine life without our lively trio." -- Jeanne O. Parker


"We were referred to Forgotten Felines to help rescue stray cats around our apartment buildings in North Aurora. Their team has been great in helping us humanely trap a number of cats that now have a chance for better lives. Our adoptable strays are finding "forever homes," and the community cats (ferals) are being humanely trapped, neutered, vaccinated and returned back to their outdoor home at the property where we are providing food for them.
We would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped us this year. We are especially grateful for one who is working with us on our most recent rescue! We trapped an injured feral mom who is now well, spayed/vaccinated and back at the property. The vet at Divine Feline had noticed she was lactating so we set out to locate her kittens. We found all three, and are currently fostering them in our home until they develop the necessary social skills for adoption. The volunteer loaned us a large cage and everything these little ones need to be comfortable. They are coming along a little more each day, and we feel confident they will all be adoptable. This would not be possible without Forgotten Felines, a true rescue composed of volunteers - devoted, compassionate and hard-working advocates for all cats. (Update: the kittens were adopted!)" -- Mark H. and EJ F. Louisville


"What Forgotten Felines did for me has made such a difference. Before you helped me spay/neuter all of the feral cats there were always fights and injuries between the dominant male and the other cats and problems with someone being hurt or injured. Now they all get along. I look forward to Spring now because I know I won't be facing litter after litter of precious babies, trying to keep them all healthy, get them fixed and find homes for them. I can't thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life and in the lives of these beautiful cats; they are healthier and happier, and they coexist so well together now. Thank you so much, Forgotten Felines.
You have such a system for getting it all done and made it so easy to get them all fixed and taken care of. I would tell anyone who has an issue with feral cats and is afraid it's just too time-consuming and involved to get them spayed or neutered - it is not!!! It is so important to do this for these animals, and it's not as hard as you may think." - Tracey A.

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