The Deborah DeSantis Scholarship Fund

Colorado Children's Chorale

It has been Debbie's wish to not only continue the Colorado Children's Chorale's legacy of providing financial assistance to all families that need it, but to take it a step further. Her dream is to make the Chorale a tuition-free institution. Although this is still far in the future, we are proud to announce the launch of the Deborah DeSantis Scholarship Fund to honor her passion and leadership.

Our goal is to raise $125,000 in her honor by the end of this season and establish this fund in her name.

There is great power in numbers. Every donation given is a tribute to Debbie. Any amount shows your love and support of her mission to uplift every single child who walks into a Chorale rehearsal. We hope to get donations from the thousands of people we know have been touched by her dedication and care.

Thank you, in advance, for your contribution.

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Created January 16, 2020
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