2019 DCCF Hearts and Hands Fund

Douglas County Community Foundation

The Hearts and Hands Fund has been established to address critical needs facing the residents of Douglas County. This field of interest fund will identify up to three areas of need in the County that it will focus its work for annual grants to nonprofit organizations serving the County that are providing solutions to pressing issues affecting residents' quality of life.

In 2019, the fund will focus on Healthy Families, including services for:
- Mental Health
- Nutrition
- Safe Homes

Incentive Fund

Amount: $5,000.00
Provided By: Aloha Fund

Thanks to the Aloha Fund, who believes in the importance of this grant program, a matching grant for the first $5,000 in gifts received, is in place from April 25 through July, 2019. **As of July 1, we have met the $5,000 match!**

We still have a ways to go to hit our $30,000 goal, so if you would like to inspire generosity in our community, please consider leveraging your gift and challenge your friends, neighbors and colleagues to give to the Hearts & Hands Fund.

Because of you, we're safe, we belong, we can feed our families, we're learning to cope, we're alive, we're independent, we can play and we can follow our dreams. Help your neighbor. Give where you live. Thank you.

Douglas County, CO, is recognized in the state and across the nation as a gem - a unique place where beautiful landscapes, unique communities and a thriving economy create a welcoming home. But, we still have needs.
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