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Many cutting edge and unique programs at Craig thrive on donor support. If you or a family member suffered a catastrophic injury, Craig would be here for you. Your critical gift ensures patients with spinal cord and brain injuries can access our world-class comprehensive rehabilitation services.

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Craig Hospital Foundation​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

Craig advocates for and provides exceptional patient and family centered care for those affected by spinal cord and brain injury. Together we bravely strive for optimal health, independence, and life quality with unyielding determination.

The Craig Foundation promotes the mission of Craig Hospital by providing sustainable support.

Organization History

Founded in 1907 by namesake Frank Craig, the hospital started as a tent colony for victims of tuberculosis. This mission continued into the late 1940's, until medical advances eradicated the disease. Shortly after, Craig transitioned into a treatment facility for polio, and then in the 1950's, into a hospital focused on rehabilitation for people with SCI. TBI was added as a second specialty in the 1970's. Since 1956, Craig has helped more than 27,500 injured individuals and their families, including more SCI patients than any other single facility in the world.

Craig Hospital is a one of a kind medical institution, not just in the state of Colorado, but also on a regional and national level. This is because Craig is more than a hospital; we are an educational institution that teaches patients and families how to live the fullest lives possible after a catastrophic injury. Our focus is on fostering as much independence as possible for our patients, and finding new and innovative ways for them to be self-sufficient, take responsibility for their futures, and succeed in spite of surface limitations.

Craig is also a family; we seek to educate patients, their families and even the community. We nurture a family culture where staff tenure is exceptional, and our graduates stay connected, supporting one another. This strong familial culture, in conjunction with our adherence to innovative rehabilitative approaches, generates patient outcomes that are remarkable and proven. Studies that compare the outcomes of Craig patients to those rehabilitated elsewhere show that patients arrive at Craig with more severe impairments, yet 91% of them return to home, work, and school, compared to 69% from other rehabilitation centers.


Your donation impacts patients and their families on a deep, personal level.

Katie, the wife of a Craig patient with a brain injury shares, "For my family, it felt like my husband's brain injury took everything away from us. At Craig, everyone is there because they care about the patient, including donors. I believe the people who are there day in and day out are giving him his life back - giving our family our life back. Gifts are critical in this. Contributions gave my husband a tool that allows him to connect and communicate, giving him everything back. It's opened up his world and not only allowed for increased independence and access to care, but for him to be a husband, father, and friend."

Each week, new patients enter Craig. These people are wives, husbands, children, parents, neighbors, colleagues, and friends whose worlds have been rocked with a spinal cord or brain injury. YOU can support them during this challenging time with a donation today!

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