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Fundraiser launched on October 11, 2017 by Bootstraps
When my son, Craig, a Conifer High School junior, passed away suddenly in June of 2010, just two months before beginning his senior year, my family immediately wanted to do something that would honor his passion for life and would impact his peers for years to come. We formed the Craig Lange Passionate Life Scholarship with the help of Bootstraps. Since then, Bootstraps has not only been an excellent steward of our funds by matching and investing so that the scholarship is self-sustaining, but they put an enormous effort into assuring that the recipients are paired with the appropriate scholarships. They also strive to create a more personal relationship between the student recipients and their donors, making it a win/win experience for all involved.

As a donor, I feel that Bootstraps has been very successful at helping my family carry out our son's legacy of a passion for life by helping his fellow classmates pursue their dreams of higher education. As a board member, my own desires to help others in a positive way are fulfilled. It is very rewarding to know that I have had a hand in helping students better themselves through education where, without the aid of Bootstraps, they might not be able to go to college.

Donations made via this page will be used to fund the Craig Lange Passionate Life Award.

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Bootstraps will match donations for scholarships at a rate of 50% up to a total match of $1,000 per year.

Your help makes a real difference
I am proud to be on the Bootstraps Board of Directors because I have seen first-hand the positive impact the scholarships and interest-free loans have on students from my mountain community.
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