Bootstraps, Inc.

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Bootstraps, Inc. is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to making a significant impact on communities while nurturing the educational aspirations of students. At our core, Bootstraps firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of personal growth and community development, and that a financial deficit should not stand in the way of a student pursuing an education after high school.


From Brenda: "Being a recipient of a Bootstraps Loan gave me faith. It gave me faith that I was smart enough to go to college and that somebody out there chose me. It was empowering to know that the community believed in me. I am proud to say I did not let my community down. I went to college, graduated with honors, and in turn have been working to be the change I wish to see in the world."

From a 2015 scholarship recipient: "I just wanted to give a huge thank you for choosing me for one of your scholarships, and for allowing my college dream to come true. You have no idea just how much I appreciate your generosity, because receiving a college education has been a very big priority of mine for a long time."


The mission of Bootstraps, in partnership with the community, is to support the continuing education of promising students in the mountain area, with an emphasis on financial need.

Background Statement

Bootstraps serves students from the Clear Creek, Conifer, Evergreen, and Platte Canyon High Schools by awarding scholarships and interest-free loans that are funded by the community. Students can pursue traditional postsecondary education such as college, university, and community college, or they can pursue nontraditional certification and trade programs.

Since 1945, Bootstraps has awarded over $4.5 million in scholarships and interest-free loans to more than 2,000 students. Through educational programs, scholarships, mentorships, and community partnerships, Bootstraps consistently demonstrates its commitment to cultivating the educational goals of our local students. Our organization's impact extends far beyond the classroom, empowering students to reach their full potential and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

Bootstraps is a true community organization. We are funded by our community, and we serve the students of our community. By fostering a strong support network, our organization not only promotes academic success but also develops well-rounded individuals who can positively impact their communities.

Bootstraps is more than just a nonprofit; we are an advocate for those students who have financial need and need some assistance in pursuing their educational dreams. As we continue to help youth reach their educational dreams, our organization inspires us to believe in the transformative power of education in creating stronger and more vibrant communities.

Bootstraps understands that achieving our mission of nurturing educational dreams and community impact requires the collective effort of a supportive community. Our organization actively seeks contributions in the form of time, talent, or treasure from individuals and partners who share our vision. Whether it's through financial donations, volunteer hours, or the expertise of dedicated individuals, Bootstraps believes that everyone has a valuable role to play in planting the seeds of educational aspirations and building stronger communities.

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Bootstraps, Inc.

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Evergreen Scholarship Association

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