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Your gift helps us feed people struggling with food insecurity, offer older adults services to keep them connected, keep families in their homes, get the unemployed back to work, provide mental health services, and give individuals with disabilities a variety of support services.


"I was just hoping for some help with rental assistance. I didn't know JFS could also provide other assistance. The staff is so caring and loving. I have nothing but good words to say about JFS and the services provided." -Sophia Martinez

"JFS has so many worthwhile programs, and they don't just benefit the Jewish community. When I dropped off books for Lunchbox Express, I saw some individuals lining up for the food pantry. One of them was a Muslim woman, which sent a message to any observer that this organization is willing to help people of all backgrounds and not just Jews. Denver is fortunate to have an organization that cares about so many of its citizens." -Stacey Garrett

"My wife, Anna, and I make decisions every year about what organizations we're going to support, and JFS is always at the top of the list. It's a family decision. What distinguishes JFS from other organizations is that it really is a social services organization. I love two things about JFS… it directly impacts people's lives, and it serves people of all races, religions, and socioeconomic levels." -David Asarch



Improving the lives of individuals and families in need throughout Colorado by taking an integrated approach to delivering comprehensive support services.


Jewish Family Service exists to fulfill one of the most important Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, the obligation to make the world a better place. In delivering our services we are also guided by the following Jewish values:

-He who saves one life saves the entire world. - Pikuah Nefesh

-Social justice, the obligation to act justly toward people in need. -Tzedakah

-Acts of loving kindness. - G'milut Hasadim

-Every human being is equal in the eyes of God. - Tselem Elohim

-The act of mending the heart. - Tikkun HaLev

Background Statement

JFS is a nonprofit human services organization that serves anyone in need - regardless of their circumstances or religious beliefs. We believe in a shared responsibility to support impactful changes throughout our community.

Founded in 1872, we currently offer more than 30 programs and services, including food security, housing stability, mental health counseling, aging care, employment support, and disability services. JFS takes a holistic approach, assessing the various needs of the individual or family and provides the appropriate services all from one organization. We continuously evaluate the evolving challenges of our community and adapt or develop programs that respond to the resulting needs.

Jewish Family Service of Colorado's origins began in 1872 with the founding of the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society. This organization helped meet the social service needs of Denver's 300 Jewish pioneers. One of our celebrated founding members and early presidents, Frances Wisebart Jacobs (1843-1892), was one of the co-founders of the United Way of America. Known today as the "Mother of Charities," Mrs. Jacobs dedicated her life to serving people in need, regardless of race, faith, income, or ability. She has been honored with induction in the National Women's Hall of Fame. Under her visionary leadership, our organization was a founding member of the Charity Organization Society in Denver which was formed as the Community Chest in 1887, the forerunner of the United Way. Through our many transformations over the years, Mrs. Jacob's legacy of community service has been a constant guiding beacon. Today, Jewish Family Service of Colorado agency serves thousands of individuals and impacts more than 25,000 people each year of all faiths, races, ages, incomes, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

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Jewish Family Service of Colorado

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JFS, Jewish Family & Children's Services

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