T2 Dance Company

A nonprofit organization

A performing and presenting contemporary dance company - we PERFORM dance works (usually created in collaboration with other artists) and we PRESENT other artists through our festivals. We provide arts education to elementary school students, senior citizens, and mentoring to emerging dance artists.


The mission of T2 Dance Company, formerly T2 Dance Project, is to enrich the dance scene. We achieve this by presenting high quality contemporary dance theatre on stage, on screen, and in non-traditional spaces, and through initiatives that provide unique choreographic opportunities and experiences to the community. We believe that working together with collaborators, independent dance artists, and cross-disciplinary artists creates unique and vibrant work, and allows for greater involvement in the arts for all.

Background Statement

Since 2017 when it was founded, T2 Dance Company has been committed to the development of the arts in the Boulder area, both for artists and audiences. Annual programming includes Versatility Dance Festival (VDF), SPRINGbreak ChoreoFest (SBCF), and The Color Wheel Project (CWP) along with multiple company performances throughout the year.

VDF is a festival of dance on stage and screen, presenting dance companies from all over the country and dance films from all over the world.

SBCF is a professional development program for emerging dance artists to expand their skills, to utilize studio time and resources to create new dance work, network with others in the industry, and receive mentoring support from professionals in the dance field.

CWP began during the 2019/20 school year. It is an educational program designed for elementary students to gain an understanding of how visual arts and dance can intersect to create unique works of art. T2 Company Dancers lead the students through a series of activities aligned with CO state standards in dance and visual arts. Selected artworks created by the students are then used as inspiration by the Dancers to create a new dance production. Now in its third year, CWP has been undertaken at six different Boulder County schools.

Why T2? Director, Erin Tunbridge, is an Australian native and brings a piece of her culture to Boulder. The T2 Lane in Australia is the transit lane for vehicles carrying 2 or more people, similar to the HOV lane in Colorado. The T2 concept is artists working together to achieve greater goals. T2 reflects a need for collaboration among artists in order for creativity to excel, and to generate greater involvement in the arts for all. T2's goals are tied closely to this vision.

a) Present a variety of high quality dance to Boulder audiences.

b) Facilitate the development of new and innovative dance work from emerging artists by fostering an open and creative mentoring space where risk-taking and artistic challenges are encouraged.

c) Bridge connections between artists nationwide, assisting in the development of Boulder as a national hub for dance.

d) Provide a strong educational program for all Boulderites to experience the joy of dance.

e) Diversify T2 audiences by performing in Boulder and out-of-state, providing free or discounted tickets to T2 shows, and scholarships for T2 educational programs.

T2's ability to provide resources to dance companies and artists while also presenting T2 productions is the essence that drives T2 into the future.

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T2 Dance Company

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T2 Dance Project

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