The Women's Foundation of Colorado

The Women's Foundation of Colorado is a unique community foundation that creates more pathways to gender, racial, and economic security for Colorado women. We use our philanthropy, community, and impact to help all women thrive and Colorado rise.

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General Information

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Womens Foundation of Colorado Inc​​​​​​​
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1901 East Asbury Avenue
Denver, CO 80208
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Mission Statement

Catalyzing community to advance and accelerate economic opportunities for Colorado women and their families.

Organization History

In 1987, several passionate women came together to discuss the women's funds cropping up around the country from New York to Dallas. Their ambition to start The Women's Foundation of Colorado was rooted in addressing a serious and significant issue: the disproportionate number of women living in poverty. They knew that without building a philanthropic force for Colorado's women, change would come too slowly - or not at all. Women across Colorado have pooled their philanthropy to advance opportunities for all Colorado women regardless of background or identity:

• Generous donors have fueled our statewide impact with more than 73,000 gifts since our inception
• WFCO has invested over $20 million in women and their families
• We've helped advance more than 50 pieces of legislation that remove barriers to women's economic security
• We've issued more than 30 research reports about economic barriers and opportunities for women


"When women thrive, everyone thrives. That is so true in so many ways. When women's incomes go up…the economy is stronger. When women are involved in corporations, the corporations are much more successful. When women are better educated, they thrive and their children thrive, and our communities are better off," said Kathleen Beatty, an emeritus professor and dean emerita of the University of Colorado Denver's School of Public Affairs

"PEP is not only rewarding as a member - your membership has an enormous impact for women and their families across Colorado." MaryAnn Littler

"I hold WFCO in high esteem because it's so mission-driven and focused. I love the can-do attitude that the founders embedded in the organization, and I am amazed at how ingrained that is with the staff today. There's no mountain too high or river too wide for The Foundation." - Marilyn Taylor, WFCO Honorary Trustee.

"I supported The Women's Foundation from the very beginning, when I heard about the group from its founders," said LaRae Orullian. "The Foundation has always brought the skills and expertise of women together to support more opportunities and develop leadership for girls and women across Colorado."

"I'm the single mother of two amazing daughters and it's my passion to create an environment for them in which they can reach their full potential and know their worth," said Gracie Gallego, a 2018 Annual Luncheon co-chair. "I support The Women's Foundation because it does that for the broader community and helps women and children across Colorado."

"WFCO's focus on impact, not charity, was exciting to me. Plus, I felt confident The Women's Foundation has the capacity to effectively engage with the local community." Emily Davis

"I love that WFCO gives so many people the opportunity to be inspired and connect with their vision. I see it as a real grassroots organization." Susan Kiely

"I support WFCO because like most women I have negotiated salaries, asked for transparency and equal pay. This shared experience allows us the opportunity to make a change and an economic impact. " Katica Roy

"I was a single mom for a period of time and had the benefit of close friends and a job that provided security for me and for my daughter. I realize that not all women and their families have that same support. I've seen firsthand how The Women's Foundation of Colorado has made the difference in the lives of women and their families when they need assistance the most. The Colorado Springs regional action committee seeks to be a catalyst of change, making a positive impact for women and their families in El Paso County." - Kim Jackson, PEP Member

"My favorite thing about the Empowerment Council (EC) has been getting the opportunity to meet a diverse group of amazing women that all share a passion for helping women and girls in our community." - Torrie Starkweather, EC co-chair and manager, digital retention & loyalty at ‎Finish Line.

"I began supporting WFCO because the idea of catalyzing and accelerating change was really exciting to me," said EC member Kelly Hall. "I joined EC in part because I wanted the experience of connecting with other women who feel the same way I do about moving the needle for other women."

"WFCO is in the women thriving business and SPIN (Sisterhood of Philanthropists Impacting Needs, a giving circle held at WFCO) is as well. A SPIN and WFCO partnership just makes sense because we all believe and know that when women are supported we can move mountains and change nations." - LaRae Scott Jennings, SPIN co-founder.

"While I am incredibly proud of my daughters and happy for their futures, I do still worry about what they will face in the world. I worry that they will be paid less than a man or will not have as many artistic or leadership opportunities. I worry whether they will be able to support their families. I want a brighter future for them and all of the women of Colorado. This is why I support Dads for Daughters. I also contribute to Dads for Daughters for all of the daughters out there who don't have dads to pay for college, buy braces, or make sure they have good health care." Steve de Beer

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