Western States Cancer Research NCORP

WSCR-NCORP offers continuity of care in the patient's own local Community. Our goal is three-fold: patients should be educated, patients should be able to self-advocate, and patients should have the broadest array of treatment options available to them when they are diagnosed with cancer.

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Western States Cancer Research NCORP ​​​​​​​
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(2019)Colorado Cancer Research Program
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Offers Additional Colorado State Tax Credit
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1325 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite B-400
Denver, CO 80222
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the people of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Washington and Utah the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the medical research conducted through cancer clinical trials.

The Western States Cancer Research NCORP (WSCR-NCORP) is a National Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As a community-based cancer program, WSCR-NCORP's sole purpose is to ensure that community hospitals and their affiliated physicians have access to NCI-sponsored cancer clinical trials for the benefit of their cancer patients.

WSCR-NCORP's mission is to ensure that its patients and their families are not denied the opportunity to participate in the best that 21st century science can offer. Central to this mission is the fact that WSCR-NCORP facilitates clinical trials on the community level.

Organization History

The first National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Clinical Oncology Program grant was awarded in 1983 to Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital as fiscal agent for the original four consortium hospitals. In 1989, WSCR-NCORP was founded as an independent organization, born out of the original grant. Today WSCR-NCORP has a network of hospitals and medical systems across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Washing and Alaska. In 2014 WSCR-NCORP became one of only 34 National Community Oncology Research Programs (NCORP) in the US. In 2020, WSCR-NCORP will have more than 70 cancer trials open, with nearly 200 individuals taking part and another 1,500 followed for their health status post treatment.

WSCR since inception has brought revolutionary cancer treatment, prevention, and symptom control options to patients in Colorado from the National Cancer Institute and its affiliated research bases. WSCR-NCORP provides patients the opportunity to have these advanced opportunities from world renowned cancer researchers in their local community and by their own local physicians.

WSCR-NCORP, working with the NCI and national cancer research groups, has been able to find critical answers that have changed how cancer is both treated and prevented.


Yesterday's clinical trials discovered the treatment that is today's standard of care. Today's clinical trials will discover tomorrow's cure.

Today, our patients are realizing the kinds of successful outcomes that could only be imagined just a few years ago. Because of the cutting edge research in which we are engaged, that leads to so many incredible discoveries and breakthroughs, the idea of a cure for cancer is no longer just a possibility, but is now a probability in our lifetime.

"WSCR-NCORP allowed me to get the best cancer treatment available anywhere in the world, with our awesome local doctors while improving my outcome and quality of life. How do you say thank you for that? It's tough to think about the direction my life would have taken had it not been for WSCR-NCORP---not just for me, but mostly for my family. WSCR-NCORP has had a profound impact on so many people's lives and their families; my wife, my daughters and I are a shining example of that." ---Jerry Hayes, CWSCR-NCORP patient and cancer survivor

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