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WeeCycle is a non-profit, started by a couple friends of mine, that strives to help low income families with infants and toddlers in Colorado by providing them with new and gently used baby gear free of charge. What started as the brainchild of my friends while waiting for their first kid to pop out, has evolved into a fantastic organization that partners with groups that put the goods right in the hands of the kids that need it most! As the organization grew so did the need for funds to keep it going and provide items that rarely get donated in time due to expiration dates, like car seats, and cribs.

I have loved for years watching WeeCycle grow as other friends become involved through giving, volunteering, and some even joining their board. I even have a buddy who runs Project Worthmore, that counts on donations made by WeeCycle on a regular basis. Needless to say, I not only feel connected to this great group of people and their cause, I know that the donations get to the right place!

With that in mind, I am pledging to not shave till I raise $10,000 for WeeCycle. Think of it as 250 Car Seats, 45, 500 diapers, or a 1,000 cans formula. Basic needs that none of us could imagine not having for our own families.

Things to think about:
1. While I love a nicely trimmed beard, I grow facial hair like a chia pet and in no time juries will be wondering where the biker lawyer came from.
2. While I have occasionally been referred to as the Cuban Duck Commander, I am still single and the Louisiana duck hunting redneck persona is not a great sell.
3. The longer the beard gets the more kids cry and scream when I walk in the door, more evidence that a donation goes towards the mental well being of children everywhere.
4. Obviously this goes towards a great cause!

You can follow my progress and overall hairiness via facebook: www.facebook.com/carlos.migoya

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Donated so far:       Ben and Suzanne Currier  |  Chris Achatz  |  Daniel Markofsky  |  Miro Kovacevic  |  Zach and Christy McFarland  |  Omar Khan  |  Rebecca I. Gumaer  |  Dianne Van Voorhees  |  Rosie Piedra  |  Nancy Rodgers  |  Ernie and Cristina Bello  |  Ashley McDougald  |  Rachel Carnaggio  |  Amy Runyon-Harms  |  Leon and Deb Turman  |  Jenny F  |  Matthew Katz  |  Shannon Kerner  |  David Navetta  |  Renee Yemma  |  Jenny Shaler  |  Heather Houston  |  Sunny Heydorn  |  Leonor Torregroza  |  Jamie Brooks  |  Allison Gerkman  |  Morgan Seibel  |  Aidan and Donovan Fleming  |  Tom & Lourdes  |  Samantha Thompson  |  Kevin Gallaway  |  Adam Mory   |  Tim  |  Ernie and Cristina Bello  |  Ernie Bello  |  Marc & Tracy Martinez  |  Brian Krogh  |  GPSillan  |  Heather Stevenson  |  Aaron Goldhamer  |  Flaco  |  Candace Gonzales  |  Julia Patterson  |  Leslie Pagett  |  Sarah Kamer   |  Tiffany Bachman  |  Britt and Amanda Newsome  |  Tim Mccoobery  |  Tim McCoobery  |  Emma Garrison
Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $10,327.00