Vail Breast Cancer Group
by Vail Valley Charitable Fund
Fundraiser launched on September 16, 2021 by Terri
After 25 years of operating as an independent non-profit, the Vail Breast Cancer Group (VBCG) continues under the wing of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund.

The VBCG's mission is to help all men and women in Eagle County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and they've been successfully doing so for a quarter of a century. Their efforts have included providing those diagnosed with a $500 check for a "Day-to-Play" as well as the gift of a "Shine On Bag" filled with comforting items such as a robe, book and several products to encourage the healing process. Over the years, the VBCG has donated over $1 million to Vail Health for much of the diagnostic equipment used at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center, sponsored Hike, Wine and Dine numerous times to support Jack's Place, and financially assisted many who have been unable to pay for diagnostic tests and/or additional treatment. The VBCG also made a substantial donation to the building fund for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

"The mission of the VBCG to help locals in need syncs perfectly with the goals and direction of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund," said VVCF Founder and Chair Rohn Robbins. "Over the last 25 years, we have provided substantial assistance to those in our community who have found themselves in financial stress owing to a serious medical condition. The VBCG joining forces with the VVCF will permit us to expand our grants to breast cancer patients in need in our community. We look forward to this great and productive association."
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The Vail Breast Cancer Group gives back to Eagle County cancer patients.
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