The Learning Source

The Learning Source promotes and provides educational opportunities through collaborative partnerships for adults and families to support their future achievements. Education is a fundamental need to improve quality of life for individuals, families and communities. The Learning Source is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit working in the greater Denver metro area for 51 years. We serve over 2000 people annually and could not do so without your generous support.

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Organizational Overview

The Learning Source
455 S. Pierce St.
Lakewood, CO 80226
The Learning Source believes education is essential to people's freedom, their confidence, and their ability to perform in the family, community and workplace. We provide opportunities for motivated adult learners and families to attain educational goals for themselves and their children through: Adult and Family Literacy programs, GED and English Instruction, and Transition programs. These programs are made possible by dedicated and well-trained volunteer tutors, and are led by staff instructors throughout the Denver metro area.

Background Statement

The Learning Source believes literacy sits at the cornerstone of an individual's success. Imagine not being able to read the cost of a loaf of bread, the directions to a job interview, or a letter in the mail. Through literacy, these every day tasks become much easier and the doors of opportunity swing open.

The Learning Source approaches illiteracy in the Denver metropolitan region through programs that support adults from beginner English as a Second Language, to Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, Family Literacy (designed to teach parents skills to assist their children in school), GED preparation, Workforce Transition, Corrections, and advanced preparation before entering into college. These programs support adult students at every step of the process to attain a higher level of education and a high school diploma with the support of a steadfast group of volunteers and staff.

Impact Statement

In FY 2015, The Learning Source supported 2100 students at 31 sites in Denver, Lakewood, Centennial, Aurora, and Golden.

132 volunteers dedicated over 8500 hours of their free time to support the educational goals of students in our programs.

Board Chair/President Statement

The Learning Source is metro Denver's non-profit literacy training leader with 13 community-based, school-based and contract programs across the metro area at 31 sites. The Learning Source has provided life-improving literacy instruction to nearly 50,000 adults and families since it was founded in 1964.

The Learning Source understands, after 50 years of providing literacy services to the community, that the benefits associated with investing in family literacy programs are by far the greatest. Consider the cost of illiteracy:
$60 billion in lost US productivity per year
44% of those with low literacy skills live below the poverty level
7 out of 10 prisoners have the lowest literacy levels

Consider the outcomes achieved by children who are involved in family literacy programs. When implemented well, family literacy programs are effective over both the short-term and long-term development of children. The National Center for Family Literacy, (NCFL) has evaluated all aspects of family literacy programs by working with local program staff. Those evaluations include standardized and teacher-made tests, case studies, anecdotal records, staff observations and parent surveys and interviews. They find that, by the end of a program year, more than 90% of formerly at-risk children are judged by their teachers as ready for entry into kindergarten with no expected academic or social difficulties. Children participating in family literacy programs demonstrate greater gains than children in child-focused programs. Those attending family literacy programs also demonstrate greater skills growth in behaior, use of language, and development of academic skills.

Please support our programs by giving. Thank you.

Jim Spoja, President
Board of Directors

Needs Statement

Provide literacy instruction for a low-income family: $1000
Provide life-improving literacy training including English reading and writing and math skills development: $500
Provide GED classes for one aspiring adult learner: $250
Provide books for one children's classroom: $100
Provide books for one aspiring adult learner: $50

Executive Director Statement

The Learning Source believes literacy is the single greatest personal resource. With it, individuals can continue their education, build careers, and become strong members of the community in which they live. Without basic literacy, individual barriers become insurmountable, jobs difficult to attain, and communities weakened.

The Learning Source assists adults in need of basic literacy, providing a second chance at a better life that begins with one courageous phone call. As TLS GED graduate Julianna Ramirez stated, "Education is the only thing in life that cannot be taken away from us." It cannot be taken away from the individual who came to class after a ten-hour shift; it cannot be taken from a first-generation college student or from a struggling adult who finds the job that allows them to thrive. It cannot be taken from the family that reads together-parent and child before bedtime-and it cannot be taken away from the community that has grown stronger due to the people living and working there.

But the opportunity must first be given.

Your support assists The Learning Source to be able to provide such opportunities, and we are extremely grateful.


Josh Evans
Executive Director

"One of the things I really like about class is the tutors. They have a good attitude and don't get mad if they have to explain things to me more than once. I also really like that we do different things - working in books, whether by myself, with a tutor, or in a small group; using flash cards; discussing stories; and working to speed up my math calculations."

"I feel blessed to be part of the Family Literacy Program because I know it helps me with English reading, writing and speaking skills. I really value PACT Time and know that it has helped me work on homework and other assignments with my 5th grade son."

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