Help to complete 'The Half-Life of Memory' - a documentary film about Rocky Flats

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Help to complete "The Half-Life of Memory Rocky Flats and the Nuclear Trigger."

Film Synopsis:

Buried beneath a windy plateau at the base of the Rocky Mountains lies the remains of a top secret nuclear weapons manufacturing plant known as Rocky Flats. Rocky Flats produced 70,000 plutonium cores, or "triggers", for use in thermonuclear bombs - each core, in itself, is an atomic bomb that carries the killing power of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

Years of accidents, contamination and deceit led up to an extraordinary FBI raid on the plant, in 1989. The surrounding area, just a few miles from Denver, was found to be contaminated with some of the highest levels of radioactive plutonium contamination in the world. The plant was shut down and a questionable cleanup ensued.

Thousands of former Rocky Flats employees have fallen ill from their work at Rocky Flats and community members seek to uncover a possible link to illness in the area. Continuing concerns by local citizens have gone unheeded, and little more than a decade after the cleanup at Rocky Flats was declared complete, families are moving into areas known to be contaminated with radioactive material. Despite major concerns from the local community, the federal government will open Rocky Flats as a National Wildlife Refuge this year - MAYBE.


Producer/Director/Videographer -
Jeff Gipe is a visual artist who grew up just a few miles from the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, where his father worked for many years. Gipe has been heavily engaged with Rocky Flats matters over the past decade, and has been exploring a multitude of ways to express this complex and politicized issue through the arts. In 2015, Gipe installed a memorial dedicated to Rocky Flats known as the Cold War Horse.

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Video Editor -
Dan de Jesus is a professional videographer and editor with experience in corporate, short films, indie, and documentary work. Dan's recent projects include, Life In The Balance, a forthcoming documentary, and Ode to NYC, a music video for IRISHLATINA.

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Original Music -
Jonah Rosenberg is a Brooklyn, NY based pianist, composer and sound designer striving to construct intuitive music. He has performed throughout the US and Canada and performs regularly in New York City

Listen to Jonah's music at:

Interviews by Mallory O'Connell and Brittany Gutermuth

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Director/Producer Jeff Gipe
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