Capital Campaign for the Main Library and North Branch
by Summit County Library Foundation
Fundraiser launched on July 13, 2021 by Summit County
The Summit County libraries in Frisco and Silverthorne were built at a time when Summit County's needs and the role of the local library were vastly different. Changes in population and expanding technology, paired with the expanding social, educational, and economic roles of modern libraries, are severely limited with facilities designed for the past.
Our 2021 Building Campaign is an effort to ensure that the Summit County community can continue to count on the library as a literary, educational, technological, and social center for Summit County in the decades to come.
While the need to offer patrons access to a wider array of technology is paramount, there is also a great need for libraries to serve as community meeting spaces for large and small groups and serve as resource centers for different demographics. All of this requires a library with a flexible, 21st-century layout. This project will ensure the longevity of the Summit County Library through community collaboration and a commitment to the diverse needs of future generations of library users.

Some features of the project include:
• Modernize and expand the North Branch Library in Silverthorne by 4,900 square feet, helping us meet the growing demand for space and resources.
• Create a brighter, more open, and user-friendly space at the Main Library in Frisco.
• Build more community meeting rooms and study rooms for all ages and our increasingly linguistically and culturally diverse community.
• Provide expanded outdoor spaces.
• Expand children's reading and creative areas and provide dedicated areas for teens.
• Accessible, flexible, and sustainable design providing a comfortable and safe interior
• Integrated technology.

Please join others in our community by helping to write the next chapter in the Summit County Library Story with your generous donation to the Capital Campaign!

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Your help makes a real difference
The Building Campaign is an effort to ensure that our community can depend on the library as a literary, educational, technological, and social center for decades to come. Write the next chapter of the Summit County Library story with a donation!
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