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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and in recognition of this month-long campaign, Ralston House and our supporters display blue


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"I am going to be brave and tell you my story." - 5 year old child interviewed at Ralston House

In Colorado …

A child is sexually abused by her teacher.

A child is killed by his caretaker.

Siblings are victims and witnesses to violent crime.

These are just three of the cases that Ralston House saw in 2021. There are 1,297 more stories just like these. If a crime in Adams, Broomfield, Gilpin or Jefferson counties involves a child, it is likely that Ralston House has worked with investigators to interview the children involved.

Ralston House Lets a Child's Voice Be Heard.
Ralston House provides a safe space for child victims to tell their stories; an alternative to a police station that can be a sterile and intimidating environment for a child to be interviewed in.

Imagine yourself a child who is being abused. Your abuser tells you that you'll be in trouble if you tell someone. Maybe he tells you that you'll be arrested. Maybe your abuser is your parent, someone who you depend on to meet your daily needs (food, clothing, housing, transportation) and they tell you that they'll be arrested if you tell anyone-can you live without them? Can you feed and clothe yourself? You're dependent upon your abuser. What do you do? Do you remain silent? Do you tell someone?

You tell someone. They call the police. Your anxiety is skyrocketing. Are you more comfortable in a police station? Or in a house-like setting? Best practice indicates higher levels of child safety and decreased chance of retraumatization when children are interviewed at a child advocacy center. The coordinated, collaborative delivery of services offered at Ralston House, a friendly, welcoming and home-like setting, makes a positive impact to the lives of these children.

Neutral and Unbiased Investigative Interviews
The interviews conducted at Ralston House by specially trained forensic interviewers aid law enforcement and human services in the investigation of child abuse and when children are witness to violent crime such as domestic violence and homicide. As a result of our services, child victims can begin the healing process and perpetrators are held accountable. When children are no longer being abused, the community is safer.

Marbles Remind Us That We're Not Alone
After each forensic interview, child victims are invited to place a single marble into a jar. This marble reminds the child victim and their family that they are not alone, that they are one of many children who were brave enough to tell their story. The collection of marbles in the marble jars at each of Ralston House's locations serve as a reminder that it is the responsibility of us each to report suspected abuse to the authorities to stop the abuse and start the healing for children and youth in our communities.

All Services Are Offered Free of Charge
Ralston House serves Colorado's 1st and 17th Judicial Districts and partners with law enforcement and social services in each municipality within these Judicial Districts. These agencies refer suspected victims to Ralston House for direct services - forensic interviews, victim advocacy, and medical exams. Ralston House provides these services free of charge to children and their families and to the professionals that we work with. Law enforcement, the district attorney's office and child protective services rely on Ralston House to conduct the neutral and unbiased interviews of children when there is an outcry of abuse and estimates serving more than 1,300 children and teens in 2022 at four of our sites - Northglenn, Arvada and Lakewood (2).

A Child Victim is Behind Each Interview
It is important to remember that each of these interviews and each of the cases that Ralston House is a part of involve a child. A young person has been the victim of a crime; targeted by someone who has chosen them as their prey simply because they are vulnerable.

Planting Hope Through Pinwheel Gardens
April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month and in recognition of this month-long campaign, Ralston House and our supporters display blue pinwheels throughout the community. These pinwheels serve as a beacon of hope for child victims and their families. They are a reminder that they are not alone; that their community stands with them against child abuse.

Ralston House will be here to help the children and youth affected by abuse or witness to violent crime in our community today, tomorrow and into the future.

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