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Dominic came to us in bad shape. He was living in a chicken coop covered in mange and at risk for serious disease. He is a great example of why our mission is so important; through education, to end the need for shelters, rescues, and Mustang holding pens in the first place.

With the proper care and training, this donkey turned into a healthy, loving companion!

At the ResqRanch we truly believe that through education we can impact lives and situations just like donkeys. Owning an animal, especially one as large as Dominic comes with a great responsibility. With positive reinforcement training and the skills we teach, we make it easier and more meaningful when it comes to caring and bonding with your furry companion. Daily grooming and checking for any issues are important to your animal well being. When we groom Dominic the Donkey we pay special attention to his great big ears and all the other crevises that can hide ticks or other pesky health risks. He enjoys his grooming and often comes back for more pets and brushing even after we have moved on to the next animal. When you practice positive reinforcement training with an animal the big daunting tasks turn into an enjoyable experience for both you and your animal making daily care easier!

More about him. He was born in 2009 and purchased from a breeder by a family who wanted him to “work the land” although they had no idea how to even put a halter and lead rope on him. They quickly realized that they were in over their heads when they were unable to keep him contained in a chicken coop. They learned about our rescue and begged for us to take him with the strict stipulation that he could never live anywhere else. During that time Dr. Q was actually a homeless single mom with two small children, and really didn’t want the burden of another animal. However, after much begging, and a sponsor, she relented and agreed. Since then he has grown to be a wonderful example of willingness, with positive reinforcement training. He is also the unofficial mascot and tends to be everyone’s favorite with those long beautiful ears and piercing eyes, we are lucky to have him.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to sponsor Dominic in his pampered life of grooming and training! We are extremely grateful for your contribution to Dominic and he is too!

Thank you and God Bless,

Dr.Q and The Crew at The ResqRanch

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