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Ralston House
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We are looking for 1 donor per day for 100 days to donate $100 to reach our goal of $10,000.

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raised $2,250

100 donor goal

Ralston House focuses our efforts all year to help stop child abuse and start the healing for hundreds of children and teens in our communities.  For the next several months, we are pushing the "100 Days of Giving" initiative. From June 1st through September 10th, we have a goal of getting at least 100 people to give a $100 donation. 

This one time, $100 donation will feature the donor as the "Donor of the Day" and allow them to create a special message or shout out for their business.

"We are really hoping to get 100 new donors over the next 100 days" said Ryland Percy, Board President., "We greatly appreciate all of the support that we have received so far this year."

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