Boy Scout Troop 766 Fundraiser for Broomfield FISH

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Broomfield FISH
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Join us in raising funds for Broomfield FISH, our local food bank and family resource center!


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Join me in my fundraising efforts to help Broomfield FISH feed families and fuel hope!

They are a non-profit organization and a family resource center in Broomfield. Their mission is to provide food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring support to Broomfield residents in need.

WHY DO THEY NEED OUR HELP?                             The high cost of living and the impact of inflation have made it even harder for low-income residents to make ends meet. In 2023, we have served more than 13,000 unduplicated residents and distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food! As a Family Resource Center, our goal at FISH is to make sure that everyone has food to eat and a safe, stable home.

You can donate on the link above or mail your donation directly to FISH.

Broomfield FISH
6 Garden Center
Broomfield, CO 80020

As a non-profit organization, your monetary donation goes further because non-profits don't pay sales tax. 

FISH SUCCESS STORY: "All the people working are always so friendly and make you feel so comfortable. In a time of need, it's an awesome feeling that you do not have to feel guilty or ashamed to reach out for help. Life can throw you a curve but it's good to know that there is a place you can go.”

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