Capital Campaign for the Main Library and North Branch

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The Building Campaign has remodeled the Main Library and will enlarge and remodel North Branch.


raised by 48 people

$400,000 goal

9 months left

 The Summit County libraries in Frisco and Silverthorne were built at a time when Summit County's needs and the role of the local library were vastly different. Changes in population and expanding technology, paired with the expanding social, educational, and economic roles of modern libraries, are severely limited with facilities designed for the past.  Our on-going Building Campaign is an effort to ensure that the Summit County community can continue to count on the library as a literary, educational, technological, and social center for Summit County in the decades to come. 

The expansion and remodel of North Branch in Silverthorne, Colorado will begin after August 2022. The North Branch has moved to temporary facilities at the Bluebird Market in Silverthorne. Some features of the North Branch project include:
•Modernize and expand the library by 4,900 square feet, helping us meet the growing demand for space and resources.
•Build more community meeting rooms and study rooms for all ages and our increasingly linguistically and culturally diverse community.
•Provide expanded outdoor spaces.
•Expand children's reading and creative areas and provide dedicated areas for teens.
•Accessible, flexible, and sustainable design providing a comfortable and safe interior
•Integrated technology.

     The Main Library in Frisco finished the remodel in early 2022. If you haven't seen the improvements, check it out!   When you walk in, you will notice a brighter, more open, and user-friendly space.  There is a dedicated children's area and teen area.  Also you will find a convenient new main entrance.

There are three ways for the people of Summit  to make a significant contribution to the future of the Summit County Library.

NAMING RIGHTS:   If you are donating to a Naming Right, email the Summit County Library Foundation at: to receive the forms necessary to complete the donation. All Naming Rights donations will be listed on plaques in both libraries. The following naming opportunities are available:


  •  Library Programming Room - $25,000
  •  Study Rooms (2) - $10,000 each
  •  Private Study Room - $5,000
  • Outlook Lounge Area - $5,000
  •  Work Study Tables - $10,000
  • New Entrance - $50,000 - RESERVED
  • Adult Reading Area - $20,000 - RESERVED
  • Adult Computer Area - $5,000 - RESERVED
  •  Children's Area - $30,000 - RESERVED
  • Kitchen Area Children's Craft Space - $5,000 - RESERVED
  • Teen Area- $15,000 - RESERVED
  • Small Study Room - $5,000 - RESERVED
  • informal Study/Meeting Area  - $10,000 - RESERVED


  • Adult Reading Extension (East) - $50,000
  • Community Meeting Room - $15,000
  •  Fireplace - $15,000
  • Computer Area - Adult - $5,000
  • Foyer to the Meeting Room - $15,000
  • North Patio - $10,000
  • Main Foyer and Self Checks - $15,000
  • Reading Nook - $15,000


  • Teen Room - $20,000 - RESERVED
  • Adult Reading Extension (West) = $50,000 RESERVED
  •  Children's Computer Area - $5,000 - RESERVED
  • Large Community Meeting Room - $50,000 - RESERVED
  • Community Meeting Room  - $15,000 - RESERVED
  • Large Study Area - $25,000 - RESERVED
  • Outdoor Deck - $15,000 - RESERVED
  • Private Study Room - $5,000 RESERVED
  • Circulation Desks - $10,000 RESERVED
  • Children's Craft Area - $5,000 RESERVED
  • Children's Area - $50,000 - RESERVED
  • Children's Computer Area - $5,000 - RESERVED
  • Exterior Entry Way with Bench - $5,000 RESERVED


With a minimum donation of $100, you will receive an Authors' Circle kit including:

A commemorative book bag with a special edition library card included.

To purchase an Author's Circle by mail, please print and fill out the attached donation form. 


Any donation of $1,000 or more will have the donor's name on the plaque displayed on the Donor Wall  in the Main Library and North Branch.

Thank you for your generous support of our libraries! You are helping to write the next chapter in the Summit County Library Story with your donations to the Capital Campaign!

Please join others in our community by helping to write the next chapter in the Summit County Library Story with your generous donation to the Capital Campaign!

For more information, including architect's drawing showing the location of each Naming Right and updates on the Capital Campaign, visit

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