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Education Through Music-Colorado
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My goal ($250) is to provide a year of music education for a young and talented ETM-CO student!


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$250 goal

Who is ETM-Colorado?

Education Through Music-Colorado ( partners with under-resourced public schools to provide music as a core subject for all children. Founded in 2018, ETM-CO offers music classes to more than 2,000 students. They work only with Title I schools in low-income neighborhoods where the free and reduced lunch student program population is greater than 82%.

This organization belongs to a national nonprofit network that began operating over 30 years ago in New York, and then expanded to Los Angeles, Boston and Denver. Since its foundation, more than 300,000 students have learned about music, and through it, how to express themselves.

Why music education is so important?

The downsizing of school budgets too often results in the elimination of music programs, despite its proven importance in children's growth. Our thirty years of work and research show that MUSIC: enhances reading, writing, and math skills; boosts social and emotional capacities; develops teamwork, listening, and reflexes; improves academic achievement; increases parental and community engagement; fosters a multicultural environment. 

87% of teachers agree that music increases school engagement. 83% of children say that music classes make them like school more (Source: ETM Los Angeles Impact Study 2021).

A life-changing story

Jose is a changed name, but his story is true. He was a very guarded child: one of those who kept to himself in classes and during lunch at school. Unsure of his talent and skills, he had trouble connecting with others and engaging in school. He was tentative about expressing himself but one day music came to his school. He started to sing and dance. First by keeping his eyes closed and then opening them little by little. Jose's music class was a safe space for him to find his voice and happiness. He explored a more vulnerable space and experienced joy and a complete transformation as a student not just in music, but in all areas. Jose's principal relayed this story to our team at ETM-CO and thanked us because Jose is now engaged and happy to be in school.

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Education Through Music-Colorado

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