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Please support Ralston PTA by giving to our annual CO Gives Day Campaign


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It's that time of year again! Time to help raise money for our annual CO Gives day campaign to help support Ralston Elementary.
It is in this context that Ralston PTA launches one of our most important fundraising campaigns of the year, the Mountaineer Money Campaign. The Mountaineer Money Campaign is a direct appeal to parents that requires no selling on the part of your child and no time commitment from you. Parent donations to Mountaineer Money are mainly invested directly back into the classroom for educational materials to help meet the new curriculum, teacher aides (one per grade level), laptops and technology, STEM materials, media/literacy materials, teacher training, arts in education materials, programming, and much more.

A suggested donation amount is $150 per child to Ralston PTA through the Mountaineer Money Campaign, but please be assured that no donation is too small, and we welcome any contribution. This amount of $150 per child equates to a contribution of less than $1 per school day.

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