Marching Without Barriers Scholarship Fund

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Breaking down financial barriers that prevent youths from underserved communities from participating


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Marching Without Barriers Scholarship Fund

Imagine a world where every beat of a drum, every note played, and every step taken in the march resonates with the spirit of inclusion, diversity, and opportunity. 

This is the world we envision with the "Marching Without Barriers" program, a transformative initiative by Ascend Performing Arts, designed to empower talented youths from historically underserved communities. The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps has long been a beacon of performance, dedication, and musicianship excellence. However, beneath the rhythm and harmony lies a challenging reality - a significant gap in participation among youths from low-income families. 

Why Your Support Matters

Your generous donations fuel the "Marching Without Barriers" Scholarship Fund, a lifeline for young musicians whose financial constraints might otherwise silence their talents.  By contributing to our fund, you're not supporting a single individual but nurturing overwhelming potential. Your donations are carefully allocated based on need, ensuring that every dollar goes towards making the enriching experience of drum corps accessible to all. 

The Impact of Your Donation

With every donation, you're helping to ensure that economic status is not a barrier to participation in the Blue Knights. 

Foster Diversity                                                                                              Create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the drum corps community. 

Empower Youth                                                                                              Provide youths with opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and artistic expression. 

Join Us in Marching Without Barriers

This program is more than a scholarship fund; it's a commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists, leaders, and change-makers. Your support can turn the dream of marching without barriers into a reality for countless talented youths. 

Donate Now and Make a Difference                                                               Your contribution, big or small, makes you a part of our community's journey toward a more inclusive and equitable future in the arts. This is your chance to be part of a movement that champions diversity, celebrates talent, and fosters inclusivity.

Thank you for your support and for believing in a world where music knows no barriers.

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