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CRES is fundraising to bring an agrivoltaics system (agriculture + solar) to a Denver public school!


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$2,500 goal

CRES has been approached to collaborate on a proposed project in 2024 to bring a pilot agrivoltaic program to a Denver public school (TBD) to support its existing comprehensive sustainability plan and curriculum. 

The school itself will be located proximate to a food desert, with students provided with a robust agriculture-based curriculum that covers topics including nutrition, sustainability, and food justice.

The project is still in its early stages, but it will need funding to get off the ground. With this flash goal, we are raising funds to develop the agrivoltaic infrastructure to complement an existing school garden that would provide real-world, hands-on experience with a contemporary regenerative agriculture technique.

All donations received through our dedicated Colorado Gives Day campaign page will go directly to the agrivoltaics project. Stay tuned for more details as we enter the new year.

What is an agrivoltaic system?

In a nutshell, agrivoltaics means the co-location of agriculture and solar panels (photovoltaics) where the project provides community and ecological benefits in addition to clean energy. Locally, you might have seen agrivoltaic systems at Jack's Solar Garden in Boulder or at CSU's Spur Campus.

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