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KAHUBA.org Ranch Rescues @ Four Winds Wholeness Sanctuary       & Indian Creek Wilderness Refuge offer programs to optimize mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for animals and humans, while honoring sustainable practices for the earth we all share.

KAHUBA Animal Sanctuaries are compassionate NO-KILL rescues that provide holistic care and a FOREVER HOME to Wild Mustangs who have sadly been removed from BLM and tribal range lands where their strong herd families have roamed freely and thrived for thousands of years -- plus 50 other domesticated horses, llamas, goats and dogs who, too, deserve safe refuge and a life-style worth living!  Every animal arrives at KAHUBA suffering from some sort of heart-breaking circumstance requiring specialized care and lots of TLC to move beyond their emotional, mental and physical traumas; painful and sometimes crippling injuries; ‘incurable’ diagnoses; aging-related senior issues; or were saved just hours from death via premature euthanasia, or inhumane and cruel meat slaughter auctions. 

For the ANIMALS both great and small that come to KAHUBA Holistic Animal Sanctuaries seeking refuge, rehabilitation and eventual hospice, we treasure their presence as sage teachers who help forward human consciousness by deeply connecting with them as deserving sentient beings who have an enormous capacity for forgiving and trusting again.  

Lovingly, we provide each animal a forever home with heartfelt connection, balanced nutrition, preventative health care, and a purpose-filled existence in a sustainable lush natural setting until they ultimately cross the rainbow bridge.

Just like we humans, every animal arrives with it’s own story of some type of suffering that we patiently help them to overcome, for as long as it takes. We utilize Holistic Rehabilitation & Wellness methods to heal injuries and imbalances, and promote improved health in all 12 systems of the body, allowing every organ, tissue and cell to function optimally.  

Our goal is to wean animals off toxic traditional medications, injections, and topical "band-aid" products that the body must then detox, which often have side effects that create more health issues.  We address the "root of issue", not the symptom, to create lasting real fixes.  Preventative protocols that naturally optimate each animal’s health, happiness and comfort is KAHUBA’s #1 priority.  

Nationally, KAHUBA also shares and educates about Best Wellness Practices, hosting in-person and virtual Events & Workshops from coast-to-coast featuring expert guest practitioners in the field of Integrative Health Care who share the most current, natural and proven non-invasive health and wellness tools and techniques such as the following: 

BEMER Whole-body Biomedical Energy Device Training & Use Support -- for animals and their human caregivers/riders too (Learn more . . . https://Kahuba.BemerGroup.com)

Compassionate Animal Handling 

Nutritional Feed & Whole Food Supplementation  

Homeopathic Remedies

Natural Hoof Care

Natural Balance Equine Dentistry (hand rasps & poll resting — no sedation or power tool floating)

Animal Communication & Body Language

Chakra and Meridien Balancing


Stretching Techniques

Natural Horsemanship & Groundwork

Saddle Fitting

Paddock Paradise Exercise Track System

Restorative Ranching and more

YOU CAN HELP US ACHIEVE SO MUCH MORE IN 2024!  KAHUBA is working diligently to open its third sanctuary location in Custer County (southwest Colorado along the Sangre De Cristo Mountains) called "Mustangs and Heroes Wellness Center of the Rockies", in collaboration with multiple non-profit partners: Operation Equine, H.O.O.V.E.S., Mustang Mountain Project, and Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center.

This new location will concentrate on rescuing 3000 displaced Wild Mustangs forced off their BLM home where they have roamed and thrived for over 3 million years, and are now in holding in Canyon City's prison program, wasting away and dying due to unadoptable circumstances.  Our programs will give them a fighting chance to be respectfully gentled for a domesticated life, and ultimately find their FOREVER home where they can truly THRIVE and experience love at the hands of humans!

Additionally, you can HELP CHANGE-AND-SAVE THE LIVES OF HORSES in "other" Rescue Barns & Sanctuaries too by making a larger donation towards placing BEMER Equine Medicine Devices in facilities to aid an entire herd.  Please contact Andrea for more info at 720-203-0332.  LEARN MORE ... https://kahuba.bemergroup.com/en_US/equine-line/home 

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