Taking Flight: The Deb Deverell Legacy Campaign

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Every dollar raised will support professional development opportunities for Paddington’s teachers.


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Taking Flight: the Deb Deverell Legacy Campaign for Paddington Station Preschool                                                                                         

After 44 years in education, 11 of which were at Paddington Station Preschool, our beloved Head of School, Deb Deverell, is retiring. The school has been through many changes with Deb at the helm, all while staying true to its focus on play-based education.                    

With this announcement, we have the opportunity to celebrate Deb’s long-term impact on the teachers, families, and children of Paddington. We know that Paddington is nothing without its talented and caring staff of teachers, and we also know that attracting and retaining the best educators can be an enormous undertaking and one that needs constant care and attention. Paddington’s 33 teachers are, in a word, exceptional. They are energetic, highly qualified, and passionate about Paddington’s mission. 

To support Paddington’s commitment to find and nurture the best teachers possible, we are launching the Deb Deverell Legacy Campaign for Paddington. Every dollar raised will support professional development opportunities for Paddington’s teachers. We envision a future Paddington where not only will our students be thriving and growing but our teachers will continue to feel fully supported in their careers and time spent at Paddington.               

The Deb Deverell Legacy Campaign for Paddington aims to raise $50,000 in its first year, by June 30, 2024. Prior to the launch date of the campaign on December 11, 2023, $25,086 has been contributed by five donors. The funds will be used to bolster and grow professional development opportunities for teachers, such as educational conferences and teacher training on pedagogical methods.          

"My time at Paddington has been filled with joy, collaboration, challenge, inspiration, and professional growth. The friendships and partnerships made have been treasured and will continue to grow. Not only did we endure a global pandemic, we also nurtured a school culture promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We created school-wide systems for admissions, finances, governance, safety, and campus enhancements. Together, we created two outdoor classrooms that allow children to explore the natural wonders of the world through spaces to run, climb, and interact. All the while, the fabulous faculty and staff maintained our play-based philosophy in a world where children are often pushed to do more earlier. We have held on to our mission. Each of us knows that children learn best when playing to make sense of the world."  - Deb Deverell, Head of School                            








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