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Trailhead Institute
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Strengthen Denver’s homelessness system through solutions developed by those with lived experience.


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There is an economic, moral, and humanitarian crisis in our city and country around homelessness. Elevated Denver is a nonprofit devoted to humanizing the issue and implementing new solutions driven by diverse stakeholders and our homeless neighbors. The end goal is a more effective and responsive system that meets peoples’ needs so they can move into stable housing more efficiently. 

Elevated Denver is developing: 

  • Season 2 of their podcast to increase awareness of our neighbors’ experiences as they move towards stable housing;  
  • A Community Landscape to reflect the gaps, challenges and bright spots in our current housing and homelessness system; 
  • Collaboratories engaging people from the government, business and nonprofit sectors, and most importantly, people who have experienced homelessness, to develop innovative solutions; and
  • Solutions, which will be piloted by local partners to understand what is successful in addressing gaps and challenges. 

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