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WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)  is a middle school leadership and transition program that welcomes 6th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year of middle school! This is important because we really want Dunstan to be a place where everyone feels accepted for who they are!

 A WEB leader is an 8th grade student that leads and assists 6th graders as they transition into middle school. WEB leaders help kids feel safe, they provide a connection and are someone 6th graders can go to and look up to as they adjust to a new school. Dunstan WEB leaders will also plan fun school activities like spirit weeks, competitions, socials and other cool stuff!

Funds raised will support training activities, 6th grade orientation, 6th grade social and shirts for 8th grade WEB Leaders.


"Being a WEB leader is all about leadership and being someone for others to talk to, being a friendly face that others can turn to, and overall being someone who can always help and who's always there for others and showing kindness no matter what. It has impacted me because I built bonds with sixth graders I wouldn't have otherwise known. I got to meet so many new people and knowing I'm someone others can count on makes me happy. 

I am gaining many skills of leadership and many people skills, such as learning how to help people and just how to be a leader and role model for others. It impacts sixth graders because they now know that they're not always alone in a new place, they have their WEB leaders to show them how to do things, it gives them someone to turn to who's actually their age. They get to build bonds with us 8th graders that they wouldn't have otherwise known. They get to feel safe entering a new school and even then they can help someone in need next year or when they are 8th graders. 

This impacts Dunstan because it's creating such a welcoming environment for everyone who comes to Dunstan whether they're in 6th grade or 7th and 8th grade. In WEB we make sure everyone is feeling welcome and everyone has someone to talk to."

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