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If you believe health is a fundamental right for all, please support our work in Health Equity.


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Health Equity

ACD recognizes that health care is a fundamental right and component of overall well-being and success. ACD's relentless focus on health equity underscores our pledge to address healthcare disparities, amplify access to quality healthcare, and tackle the social determinants of health inequalities. For Adelante, providing integrated support to the entire Latino community is essential. We ensure that anyone who comes to us not only in search of tools for business development and growth can also find support for personal health through the intervention, navigation, and connection to professional experts on disease prevention and promotion of healthy habits.

As is well known, entrepreneurs who neglect their health can suffer a decrease in productivity and efficiency, in addition to putting their health at risk in the long term; in this context, as part of the purpose of the program, ACD aims to reduce social inequities and shorten the gaps that impact the health of the Latino population living in the state of Colorado. Health Equity at ACD regards the prevention of diseases and promotion of healthy habits in its three dimensions: physical health, mental and emotional health wellness, and social wellness. 

Your support of the Health Equity program helps:

  • Vaccination program: For many in the Latino community, the cost of medical services and lack of adequate health insurance can lead to significant barriers to accessing basic health care. We are convinced that healthy entrepreneurs can achieve more for themselves, their community, and employees by creating healthy and prosperous businesses. 
  • Health Education Workshops – Salud con Dignidad: ACD organizes workshops on preventive care, nutrition, mental health, and access to healthcare resources. These workshops empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions for their well-being.
  • Partnerships with Healthcare Providers through an integrated Community Navigator Model: Collaborating with local healthcare providers enables ACD to connect entrepreneurs with culturally relevant and affordable healthcare services.
  • Wellness Programs: ACD may implement wellness programs encompassing physical fitness activities, stress management techniques, and mindfulness practices to support entrepreneurs' holistic health.

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