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The Colorado Cancer Coalition exists to eliminate the burden of cancer in Colorado.


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In 2022, we focused on continuing to grow our work in rural and Frontier Colorado by creating Regional Cancer Networks. We also continued to implement the goals in the Cancer Plan. 

In 2021, the Colorado Cancer Coalition launched a new campaign called Cancer Coalition in Communities.

Every hour throughout the 365 days of the year, 3 Coloradans hear the words, "You have cancer." This is devastating news no matter who you are or where you live.
If you live in Cheyenne Wells, CO, depending on your diagnosis, you now must travel 180 miles minimum for weekly chemo treatments.
Colorado Cancer Coalition (CCC) is working with partners in Cheyenne Wells and other rural areas to increase cancer screenings and build awareness around cancer prevention (sunscreen works!). CCC cannot reduce the distance between Cheyenne Wells and the nearest cancer treatment provider, however we can, and do every day of the year, work with providers throughout the state to bring cancer screenings and prevention to reduce inequity in the health system. CCC partners with providers in rural areas and underserved urban areas in hopes that fewer and fewer-and someday 0- people an hour get the news that they have cancer.

Support this new campaign and other cancer prevention and control work in Colorado.

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