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Has Lighthouse changed your life for the better? Me, too. This CO Gives Day, let's say thanks.


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Hey, writer pals. A couple of quick questions:

How many of your good friends did you meet at Lighthouse?

How many times have you found a renewed sense of wonder -- and experienced the elusive phenomenon known as a belly laugh -- at the Grand Lake retreat each July?

How many times has something a Lighthouse teacher said bubbled up from some unknown place in your memory at just the right moment, giving you a little jolt that compels you to write something down? 

The answer to these questions, I'm guessing, is Lots.

Chances are we know each other from Lighthouse, which means we both understand ALL of the reasons why it is SO worthy of our support.

Keeping Lighthouse afloat and up to the very high standards we all know and expect isn't cheap. Nor was the campaign to build the beautiful new building on York Street. As Lighthouse has grown, so has its reach, impact, and budget.

Between now and Colorado Gives Day on December 5, please make the most generous gift you can to support this community beacon we all love and rely on.

As a proud member of the Lighthouse Board of Directors, I have made the first donation to kick things off. 

Here's some more info about what your gift will make possible:

Create: We can create an even more expansive and welcoming community of writers. Whether you reside near our new home on York Street or in a different part of the world, you can find a family at Lighthouse that is ready to support you and grow with you. Our mission is to break down financial barriers, and with the support of thousands of individuals, we can offer over $120,000 in tuition assistance and free programs throughout the year.

Inspire: We have the power to inspire the next generation of writers and readers. Imagine a young person dipping their toe into the world of creative writing at one of our free arts programs in dozens of schools and community centers. Once they discover the magic they can create on the page, they can embark on a journey through our summer camps, school-year writing groups, and even have their work published in our annual youth anthology.

Provide: Our commitment extends to providing platforms for voices that have been marginalized for far too long. Through dedicated programs such as Writing in Color and Queer Creatives, and through partnerships with organizations like Sacred Voices, we are dedicated to centering people of color, LGBTQIA+ writers, and Indigenous artists, creating an inclusive space where their voices can shine.

Write: Writing, we believe, can help us pen new chapters and even write entirely new books. Writing is a form of healing, and in challenging moments, simply putting pen to paper can be liberating. Our free workshops reach out to people experiencing homelessness, cancer survivors and their caregivers, healthcare workers, veterans, and many more, providing a safe haven for self-expression and connection. This transformative work is compiled in our annual community anthology, allowing us to hear each other's unique perspectives and deepen our connection with one another.

Your generosity will enable Lighthouse to continue creating, inspiring, providing, and writing—a mission that touches countless lives.

Thank you, and see you at Lighthouse!

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Lighthouse Writers Workshop

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