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Started in 2010, the Bank On Denver movement creates an opportunity that opens doors to financial stability for Denver residents to establis


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Bank On Denver is a national program model that partners with local and national financial institutions to offer free and low-cost banking products and services to the unbanked and underbanked in the Denver metro area. A financial coaching client is referred by a financial coach from one of 10 financial empowerment centers to a local bank or credit union to open a bank account and/or establish or sign up for other banking products. Residents may also go directly to Bank On Denver financial institution partners to open an account directly. Additionally, Bank On Denver has begun offering alternatives to high interest and predatory loan products for individuals with credit scores as low as 550.

Bank On is a national, regional and local movement that is driven by over 70 Bank On coalitions across the country that have connected tens of thousands of people to safe and affordable bank accounts and most recently, credit building opportunities.

Bank On programs ensure that low-to-moderate income people have the opportunity, knowledge and skills to successfully access and use financial products that can lead to asset building and long-term financial stability.

Bank on Denver is a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

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Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC)

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