Natalia & Chilli: Our Bonded Pair

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From their wild herd to the mustang pens of Canon City, these two have had quite the adventure in their brief lives. Now that they're both part of the ResqRanch herd we can't wait to share their ongoing story with you!

We first met Natalia & Chilli during one of the toughest Rocky Mountain Horse Expos to date.  After several feet of snow left us stranded back at the ResqRanch, we finally arrived a day late and without any of our horses, but that wouldn't be true for long.  We were drawn to the BLM auctions and were excited to find an impressive group of mustang yearlings waiting to be auctioned.  Unfortunately, the in-person only auction was taking place in front of one of the smallest crowds in recent memory, due to the untimely and brutal weather. When the bidding ended and these two babies remained, we stepped in to provide them with their forever home.  It was a whirlwind day!  We went from being stranded to increasing our ResqRanch herd by two in less time than it took to dig out our trailer!  

While we're thrilled to be expanding our mission and adopting these two incredible spirits, the ResqRanch's cost of care is rising as a result.  We need your support more than ever.  Thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do to support our mission and the future of horses like Natalia & Chilli.  Your generosity will make a world of difference to Natalia & Chilli, and the many more rescues that will follow them through the gates of the ResqRanch.  Thank you!

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