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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Blind Institute of Technology

Genetech is teaming up with BIT to honor the 33rd Anniversary of the ADA.


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In honor of the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Genetech is teaming up with Blind Institute of Technology (BIT). The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in several areas, including employment, transportation, public accommodations, communications, and access to state and local government’ programs and services. Members of the disability community experience far greater unemployment than any other demographic. They are among the most marginalized groups in the world. When the Americans with Disability Act became law in 1990, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 70%. Thirty-three years later, that number hasn’t changed. There is a perception of mediocrity that is associated with the disabled community that BIT works to change. The disabled community struggles to obtain gainful employment because they are not given the chance and reasonable accommodations are not a priority which in turn keeps a pool of talented workers left out.

BIT lifts workers with disabilities out of the ranks of the unemployed by delivering industry- relevant technical skills training, credentialing, and apprenticeship on-the-job training using a virtual platform and innovative accessible technologies. Since inception in 2013, BIT has provided workforce development services to thousands of individuals with disabilities on a national and international level and successfully placed them in meaningful employment with increased wage potential and a 97% retention rate after 12 months. The BIT Academy is the first global Salesforce certification training model specifically for the Blind and Visually Impaired and People With Disabilities.  Through BIT's partnership with Salesforce, BIT has been able to ensure that critical components of the platform continue to become even more digitally accessible.  

 While we kick off this event, we would like to invite you to contribute to this fantastic nonprofit organization that strives to reduce the high unemployment rate among the disability community by preparing them, and the employers who hire them, for success in the workplace.

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