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If you had to describe yourself in a single hashtag, what would you choose?

When that question was posed to Broomfield sixth-grader Jillian at Denver's Botanic Gardens on September 29, she looked out at the 600 sets of eyes staring back at her from the audience and delivered the perfect response. The crowd roared its approval.

Jillian was there because she'd been tasked with interviewing all 10 of the business and community leaders being honored at the 2021 Women of Distinction event -- live, on stage, in front of everyone. She was exhilarated, she was prepared… and she was very, very nervous.

When the spotlight first focused on her, Jillian grew overwhelmed, got lost in her notes, and froze -- but not for long. She took a deep breath, collected her thoughts, and stole the show. She asked insightful questions and charmed the crowd with her authenticity and curiosity.

One of Jillian's recurring questions to the honorees was: "What hashtag would you use to describe yourself?" At the end of the evening, Leanna Clark, Girl Scouts of Colorado CEO, turned the tables by asking Jillian the same question.

Her response?

Without realizing it, Jillian had summoned the perfect reply -- a word that sums up not just her own grand ambitions, but also what it means to be a Girl Scout.

We envision a world where every girl enters her teenage years with a positive self-image, firmly knowing that she can do anything. She's kind and empathetic. She sets goals and gets things done. She advocates for others and cares for our planet. She is #determined. She is a Girl Scout.

Colorado Gives Day is a powerful opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of girls right here in our own community. Your gift to Girl Scouts of Colorado supports:

-Female workforce development, as girls explore and experience different career paths through patch programs, events, and mentoring.

-Dynamic events built around the four program pillars of Girl Scouts: STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship.

-Staff-led programming for girls who otherwise could not participate in Girl Scouts, at Title 1 outreach sites in Denver and Colorado Springs,

-Mobile programming to reach Girl Scouts in rural communities.


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