Emergency: RCH Dirt Road Disaster

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After 48 hours of non-stop rain the RCH dirt road got totally destroyed...


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$10,000 goal

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Update posted 1 year ago

Thanks to faithful friend and helper Paul Glaser, as well as to good and generous RCH neighbors Paul Lucci and Steve Jusseaume, the road was reopened the day following the disaster, so that I was able to drive the RCH truck down to the neighbor’s yard. And thankfully, because the following night the water overwhelmed the drainage system again, and the road was washed down anew! Thus, for a week I was commuting on Paul Glaser’s ATV (which was fun, I should acknowledge) from the Hermitage to the neighbor’s place where the truck was stationed, when I had to run errands in town – again, I thank them both for “unstranding” me so quickly!


A week later, as the water subsided significantly, Paul G. was able to grade the road enough to welcome the guests at the RCH again. However, this is only a temporary solution: we’ll have to seriously tackle this road issue, and just for this year the plan is to divert 3 sources which opened up right on the road, take down some 50 huge trees bordering it so to be able to dig drainage trenches on both sides of that road, and install larger culverts. All last week the good neighbors, Steve, Luke, and John were working on this every day, and will be working this week, too. That’s where those $10,000 of the Fundraiser will go, and because it’s not enough, the RCH immediate neighbor Paul L. generously offered to contribute another $10,000, so that in the future we may have a reliable road leading up to the Hermitage. 

The Good Lord allowed me to experience myself (still very slightly, it is true) what people are experiencing when hit by natural disasters: after 48 hours of non-stop rain (rather exceptional for Colorado) the RCH dirt road got totally destroyed...

Thankfully, the faithful friend and helper Paul Glaser, as well as a good neighbor Paul Lucci, are here to help. Nevertheless, it seems it will take at least a week, and at least $10,000 to simply reopen that road again. 

This is why I'm coming now to humbly ask for your financial help, however small it may be.

Deeply thankful in advance for your help - and for your prayers! 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Fr. Francis of the Child Jesus, C.S.J.
Steward of the Regina Caeli Hermitage

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