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Who doesn't smile when they drive down Highway 41 from Rabbit Ears overlooking Lake Catamount?


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Who doesn't smile when they go down Highway 41 from Rabbit Ears overlooking Lake Catamount into Steamboat, drive by the Arnold Barn, think of the skiers on horseback in front of the Moore Barn, or walk downtown? These are important experiences we regularly enjoy – and aren't we fortunate to have these places and memories!

These stories tell us about what the community was and how it became what it is, which helps us understand who we are. Preserving those stories can be an essential part of building a healthy community.  

Historic Routt County's (HRC) mission is to preserve and protect these memories and places. The ability to revisit these preserved elements from time to time provides us with a sense of place. It supports continuity between our past and present by preserving a trail of how we arrived at where and who we are today. As Board President of HRC, won’t you help the Board and me continue our work saving these memories? Your financial support is needed now more than ever – please support us now through Colorado Gives. I promise that you’ll smile when you make your donation. Thank you!

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