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Help CAP provide much-needed resources, connections, and policy support to Colorado's OST Providers!


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Colorado Afterschool Partnership (CAP) works to foster statewide partnerships that improve outcomes for all children and youth through high-quality, expanded learning opportunities such as those found in afterschool and summer programs. 

Investing more in afterschool in Colorado will ensure that Colorado’s students have more opportunities for learning and thriving in safe environments with caring adults.

Afterschool programming addresses and mitigates:

  • Substance Abuse

  • Mental Health 

  • Chronic Absenteeism

  • Connections to caring adults 

 Colorado 21st Century Learning Centers (afterschool programming) report that 47% of students in afterschool programming showed growth in CMAS scores, 57% improved their GPA, 68% improved their attendance and 83% improved their overall school engagement.  Parents surveyed see firsthand the outcomes of comprehensive, quality Out of School Time programming and 72% agree that these programs are helping their children stay safe and out of trouble, which in turn helps 82% of working parents keep their jobs. 

Investing in CAP provides much-needed support to afterschool providers around the state. 

CAP provides and connects afterschool providers to professional development opportunities and resources, including a statewide conference to support afterschool - Out of School Time professionals in the important work they do and help to enrich their programming. 

CAP is working with stakeholder feedback to provide quality guidelines that may serve as a guidepost for Out of School time providers, communities, and parents.  

CAP advocates for sustainable funding sources for Out of School time programming, including afterschool, 5th-day programming, teacher in-service days, and summer at the local community, state, and federal levels.  

CAP is a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC).  By donating to this page through Colorado Gives, CNDC will ensure that all of your donations make it to CAP and raise up the work we do for afterschool providers in every community. 

Thank you so much for your support. 

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