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Wilmot families raising $5,000 for $67,000 ELF portion of $317,000 project for sidewalks, crosswalks


raised by 1 people

$5,000 goal

9 months left

Sidewalks and crosswalks 

planned for construction during the summer of 2024....

This is a project proposed by the Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF) with community input ... implemented and maintained by Jefferson County (Jeffco) ... and funded through the Evergreen Local Improvement District (ELID).

  1. ELF hires the grantwriter who seeks funds payable only to a governmental agency (Jeffco).  Monies awarded are credited to the ELID account at Jeffco.
  2. ELF raises money to pay approximately 20% of the project, considered seed money for the grant.
  3. ELF’s share is $67,000 for this $316,000 project.

Designate a monthly donation for as little as $5 

Recurring donations initiated ON NOVEMBER 20th will be doubled (one month of the commitment) by Colorado Gives and could earn a $5,000 bonus to ELF

To qualify for a match, a donation must be made by December 5, 2023

One-time donations can also be mailed directly to ELF at PO Box 252, Evergreen, CO 80437 with notation "Wilmot."

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