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Pikes Peak Housing Network works to advance housing affordability, access, and production.


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Pikes Peak Housing Network (PPHN) was established in 2023 by a group of community leaders who care deeply about Colorado Springs and its lack of affordable and attainable housing for our growing workforce, families, and senior population 

 In the short time PPHN has been in operation, it has become a respected and valued organization that is working in three key areas to increase the numbers of all types of housing in every neighborhood of our beautiful city. PPHN is the only nonprofit organization accomplishing this work in Colorado.  

 Our priorities include:

 1. Advocating for pro-housing policies, legislation, and housing supply solutions, at the state and local levels of government, to create affordable and workforce housing throughout the Pikes Peak region. 

 2. Developing pro-housing messaging and media for housing developers, decision-makers, other nonprofits, and citizens. This advocacy will promote a culture that values and appreciates the need for affordable and workforce housing.

 3. Becoming a valued and important resource for housing data, housing financing, development, and best practices, and real estate options.

Colorado Springs has experienced large increases in homes prices and rental costs. These increases make it difficult for middle-income workforce to find sufficient housing. These are our public safety professionals, healthcare workers, and teachers and it’s so important for us to be providing safe and accessible housing for them; housing that is near their jobs and schools, so they can also reduce their transportation costs. 

 Over 75% of our city is zoned for single-family homes, making it difficult for seniors to downsize their homes but also remain in their current neighborhoods. PPPH advocates for the development of mixed housing types in every neighborhood, so residents of all income levels and housing needs can find the housing of their choice, in their price range. 

 Pikes Peak Housing Network is here to advocate for affordable and workforce housing development across our great city and we will partner with others who share this goal and want to make Colorado Springs an accessible and amazing place to live for all. 

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