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Housed Working & Healthy
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Help us serve everyone that is ready to enroll and get themselves back to work and health in 2023.


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$40,000 goal

Housed Working and Healthy

Helping People Experiencing Housing Insecurity Become More Self-Sufficient

Our mission is to help people return to independent living and be self-sufficient. 

The HWH model is partner based and encompasses housing, mental health services, workforce training and employment.

This supportive structure and services helps people stabilize, develop a support network, become trained, gain experience, get a job, secure independent housing and ultimately become self-sufficient.

HWH is where people willing to put the work into restarting their lives can get working again, get housing, and get mental health support on their path to self-sufficiency.

As seen on 
9-News Next 
with Kyle Clark
February 22, 2023

Homelessness can be a trap.

Kyle Clark “9 News Word of Thanks”: "It's hard to afford a place to stay without a job. It's hard to find a job when your energy is spent finding safe places to stay, and both those stresses would wear down anyone's mental health. We wanted to tell you about a nonprofit in the metro area working on all three challenges at once.

Housed, Working, and Healthy is focused on just that: Helping people experiencing homelessness get housed, working, and healthy.

The nonprofit runs a job training program primarily for people living in shelters. It picks them up in the morning and brings them to the kitchen facility where they learn the skills needed to land in-demand restaurant and cafeteria jobs. Mental health support is woven into breaks in the training program.

Along the way, students all receive support to find housing and connect with directly employers. So, at the end of the three-to-four-month program, they're ready for restart. The nonprofit is expanding its work and we can help."

New Van in 2022 to transport students - thanks to our donors.

We tripled in 2022 and 
hope to Double in 2023!

2020 Graduates
2021 Graduates
2022 Graduates
2023 Projection

February 2023 Graduates
and Case Workers


Our Donors, like you, are what makes all of this possible

Here is what donations can help with:

  • $25 pays for a ServSafe certificate for one of our students. This training certification is crucial to our students’ success in the culinary world.
  • $65 pays for the equipment needed by every new student: an apron, a chef’s jacket, a cutting board and a knife.
  • $200 buys ingredients for one day of kitchen instruction and production.
  • $250 pays one day’s stipend for seven students to help them begin to build forward.
  • $500 buys gas and maintenance for a month for our van.
  • $1,000 pays the van lease for one month.
  • $2,500 pays the kitchen lease for almost 3 weeks.
  • $5,000 pays the salary and overhead for one month of the chef instructors and case managers so we can make this mission happen.
  • $10,000 covers the cost of our program for one student.

Hard at work - Learning in our kitchen

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