El Pueblo History Museum- Steel City Exhibit
by History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society
Fundraiser launched on March 23, 2022 by History Colorado
Opening June 2022 at El Pueblo History Museum, Steel City: 1980-2004 will explore the evolution and history of a steel making community in the late twentieth century.

The exhibition Steel City: 1980-2004 will show the power of solidarity among steelworkers and community members in Pueblo. Exhibition materials include oral histories, archival documents, historic photographs, newspaper clippings, and more, displaying the integral part the steel mill plays in Pueblo history and culture. Visitors to the exhibit will explore three themes:
- evolution and history of a steel making community surviving economic turmoil in the late twentieth century,
- individual and collective actions leading up to and during the steelworkers' - historic seven-year strike,
- resilience of the community.
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