Stanley British Primary School

SBPS Our mission is to engage, challenge, and inspire children to reach their potential and develop their own voices. *If you would like to remain ANONYMOUS to the public, please select 'Anonymous in Publications'. If you select 'Completely Anonymous, Stanley has no way of knowing who you are.

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Stanley British Primary School​​​​​​​
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Stanley BPS
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350 Quebec Street
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350 Quebec Street
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage, challenge, and inspire children to reach their potential and develop their own voices within an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative community that values distinct contributions and abilities. We prepare teachers to implement our vision, mission, and values, and we share our educational approach with the larger community.

We envision a community of joyful, lifelong learners prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

We believe in each individual. We recognize that each child is unique and significant; therefore, we respect and build positive relationships with children and encourage them to know themselves - their strengths, challenges, learning style, culture and interests. We provide a dynamic, challenging learning environment in which children can develop to their full potential - socially, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and physically.

We inspire a love of learning. We create an integrated, meaningful curriculum in which children can explore and experiment through first hand experiences. We give children the opportunity to pursue their interests and thoughts, to make choices, and to take responsibility for their own learning. We encourage curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

We understand children and childhood. We are knowledgeable about the stages of child development and the different needs of each age group. We create learning experiences responsive to the stages of childhood. We are skilled in observing children and utilizing a variety of approaches to engage each child.

We promote responsibility for our environment and community. We provide a safe, nurturing, mutually respectful community. We cultivate in our students the ability and desire to be responsive and contributing members of the world. We value honesty, compassion, and courage.

We honor diversity. We value diversity of all kinds - for students, staff, and trustees. We develop in children an understanding of similarities and differences in people and the ability to make socially responsible decisions. We encourage flexibility, resourcefulness, critical thinking, and communication.

We view education as a partnership between parents, teachers, and students. We actively include parents in their child's education and the life of the school. We promote the continued professional and personal development of our staff. We involve teachers, parents, and the whole school community in recognizing our mission.

We share what we know about children and education with others. We offer a teacher preparation program where college graduates work alongside our master teachers to qualify for a State teaching license andor Masters degree. We work with other schools and organizations interested in the British Primary approach to learning.

Organization History

Stanley British Primary School was originally organized in 1972 as a model classroom housed in a local church. Through a partnership with Metropolitan State College and the federal Model Cities Project, the laboratory classroom was set up to demonstrate the English Primary School approach to education. The BPS program grew tremendously in popularity, and the demand for places in the classroom began to far exceed available space. In the fall of 1983, an energetic group of parents joined forces with BPS teachers in an effort to expand the program. After many months of work, the group purchased the Stanley School building located in the historic Montclair neighborhood. Originally opened in 1891, the building housed the first public school kindergarten in Denver. After extensive renovation, much of it done by parents, the school was reopened in the fall of 1984 as the Stanley British Primary School (Stanley BPS). When the school opened, it housed eighty kindergarten, first, and second graders. The school continued to grow and prosper at its new site - adding a third grade by 1985. In 1991, after a successful $1 million campaign, Stanley expanded the program to accommodate children through the fourth grade. A new addition to the building was opened in January 1992 and a fifth grade was added in the fall.?
In 1994, another group of dynamic parents, this time hoping to see BPS expand to the middle school years, spearheaded the successful effort to acquire land and facilities at the former Lowry Air Force Base. The fall of 1995 saw the establishment of Stanley's first sixth grade class in the former Officers' Club on a spectacular 10.5-acre campus, with the seventh and eighth grades added by 1997. As of September, 2000, the entire school, grades K-8, was housed on the Lowry campus. An Athletics capital campaign, completed in 2003, provided Stanley BPS with the Bill Daniels Gymnasium and the Bill Witter playing field.

In the spring of 2007, the Stanley BPS community gathered to celebrate and honor founding Head Carolyn Hambidge on the occasion of her retirement. Tim Barrier was named Stanley's second Head of School, beginning in the fall of 2007.

The Stanley community has always been committed to expanding the BPS philosophy in the wider educational community and to serving as a bridge between the private and public sector.

From a single classroom serving 28 children in 1972, Stanley BPS has evolved into a thriving school serving 400 children. As Stanley BPS continues to expand its horizons and to take on new risks and challenges, there is cause to celebrate its accomplishments and to look forward with optimism to its future.


"Stanley BPS has meant so much to me over the years. The teachers there are some of the coolest people I've ever known. I feel that what I learned at Stanley BPS has helped me through high school and will continue to help me throughout my life." - Harris Markson, Class of 2000, graduated from East High School, attending UC Santa Barbara

"Thank you to Carolyn Hambidge for creating a school that allowed me to grow and thrive and made me never want to stop learning." - Madeline Morrissey, Class of 2002, attending Kent Denver

"At Stanley BPS we were taught how to think as a process and what each concept actually meant and why you would use the concept. Once you know how to think, that skill translates into everything else that you do." - Emily Wasserman, Class of 1996, Kent Denver, Williams College

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