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Smart Colorado is the only non-profit organization focused on protecting the health, safety and well being of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly available and commercialized. Smart is a non-partisan, trusted resource for parents, trusted adults, legislators, press and educators concerning the impact of commercialized marijuana and the unintended consequences for Colorado kids.

Our goals include raising awareness and educating about the dangers of Colorado's marijuana for those under 21. The perception of harm among our youth continues to drop while commercial sales, products and potencies become more dangerous, available and deceptive. Smart's accomplishments include public policies to protect youth, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns around youth impacts, including brain development.

Your generous support allows us to continue to advocate and raise statewide awareness on behalf of the health and safety of ALL Colorado kids. Your donation will be utilized to fill in gaps that exist as we act as the only voice solely speaking and advocating for kids. All donations received will go to cover the direct costs of statewide education supporting your communities and further communication efforts throughout all of Colorado.

Smart Colorado is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Protect Colorado Youth from Commercialized Marijuana
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