Seed Madness 2020

Seed Madness is a competitive style fundraiser with eight different teams consisting of EarthLinks staff members, interns, volunteers, and participants competing to win the honorary title of the "Top Seed" and a special prize. The fundraiser will last three weeks, starting on March 16th, and ending on April 3rd. At the end of the fundraiser, the team with the most points will become the winner.

Points for each team can be earned in two different ways. The first way to earn points is to have money donated online through your team's campaign page. If you don't have a team, pick the one that stands out to you! The second way is to bring in items that are needed to make products and the list of their point values are below.

Every Friday EarthLinks will list the team standings. Check our social media and website for game time updates!

Instagram: @earthlinks

Who will be this year's TOP SEED? It's up for you to decide!