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Samaritan House Shelter, Denver, Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

Catholic Charities and Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver

Catholic Charities provides hope to families and individuals experiencing homelessness by providing safety, shelter, clothing, food and more to help them rebuild their lives and restore their dignity. Our approach of mercy and compassion encourages trusted relationships to form and wounds caused by trauma to heal.

• Samaritan House - Provides short and long-term shelter to men, women, and children facing homelessness. Residents who qualify for our 120-day Levels Program are matched with a case manager who helps them commit to and navigate a goal-oriented plan to secure stable income and affordable housing.

*Donations of $250 or more to Samaritan House in Denver qualify for the 25% Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. Learn more at

(Manny is pictured above in photo four)

"I'll tell you one thing, the Samaritan House received me with open arms. I don't know what they saw in me. All the personnel had a smile on their face and wanted to help. I came to their veteran's program to get out of homelessness. What I have now is because of them.

At 17, I entered the U.S. Army then later joined the National Guard. I served in places like Germany and Italy. I got injured twice. Once I fell off a tanker and injured my hip; another time I fell and had a head injury. I left to work for a railroad company--started out with a sledgehammer in my hand and worked my way to foreman. I had a good life. I had a wonderful family, a wife and two kids. I got reinjured on the job and they offered me $150,000. Unfortunately, with that money came friends … and drugs. I had to leave my wife and family. I didn't want her to go down with me.

For 20 some years, I was homeless. I've drifted through some 40 states in this country. I used cocaine, crack then meth. I was hooked on heroine. I just got locked into drugs. What made me stop was my three beautiful granddaughters. They saw me panhandling one day on the streets in Texas, where I'm from. I was so ashamed and one day I just said, 'This is it. I got to go.' I bought a bus ticket and came to Denver with $200. I love Denver, it's one of the special places in my heart.

God has been so good. I was in a homeless shelter and someone told me I was in the wrong place. There's better help at Samaritan House. If you're willing to do your part, they'll help you. I was there for 9 months. They helped me find housing and with the VA helped me find my beautiful apartment. I'm now clean and managing my depression. I want to go back to Samaritan House to volunteer. I give my gratitude to them."

- Manny


• 80,120 nights of shelter provided to men, women and families
• 466,899 meals prepared by our Denver shelter
• 65% men and women discharged with income
• 97% family residents discharged with income

Samaritan House requires significant capital improvements to continue its mission of serving those in the greatest need. Goals include expanding:
• resources by adding a dedicated training room for both staff and clients
• by adding a job service training center and more case management offices
• the ability to better serve homeless women with dignity by upgrading additional bathroom facilities

*Samaritan House Shelter is a ministry of Catholic Charities

Your gift will feed, shelter and help families experiencing homelessness
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