Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Our biggest expense is medical care for such issues as: heartworm, needing dental surgery, tumor removal, orthopedic issues, emergency surgery, etc. We project spending $160,000 on the medical care of our dogs in 2017. We are an all-volunteer organization & only spend 5% on administration.

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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado. We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.

Organization History

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue was founded in 2002 by several Lab lovers to fill a need in the metro Denver area for a Lab rescue. Les Brown, one of the founders, dedicated herself to this effort in memory of her beloved Lab, Tess.

Labs have been the most popular or among the most popular breeds in the US for some time and just their sheer numbers result in many in need of rescue. Not suited for every owner, many end up abandoned in shelters, left at Vet clinics to be euthanized by frustrated owners or simply dumped in rural areas. Failure to spay or neuter a Lab adds to the issue of pet overpopulation. Rescuing Labs in need, education about the breed and the importance of spay/neuter spurred our efforts forward.

How Do We Care for the Labs in Our Program?

1. All are vetted at our partnering vet hospitals: VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Arvada West Veterinary Hospital. Each receives a health exam, basic shots, a heartworm test, is microchipped and is spayed or neutered. Other health needs such as ear infections, allergies, lameness and infected teeth are addressed. Sometimes the needs are extensive and costly.
2. We consult with trainers and animal behaviorists when needed.
3. We do not have a physical facility so all are placed in foster care. While in our care we strive to learn as much as possible about each dog to assure a successful placement.
4. There is no time limit on how long an adoptable Lab remains in our program.
5. Our rescued Labs are placed in adoptive homes that have been thoroughly screened. All adopters sign an adoption agreement.

To give you an idea of the impact Safe Harbor Lab Rescue has had on some of our adopters, here is what they are saying:

"It is hard to believe that it is almost one year since we adopted our sweet yellow Lab, Murphy MacCrae Reed from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. As we are not certain of his birthday, we are celebrating it on April 3, the day we adopted him! And a joyous day that was!He spent just one afternoon and one night at Foster Mom's house and when we saw him , we knew he was "the one". He will be 7 years young, and has blossomed into such a funny, entertaining and awesome Lab!
He did well in his basic manners class at I LOVE MY DOG training, and enjoys playing with his squeaky toys, ( KONG football, tennis balls , etc) riding in the car, hanging out with us at Home Depot, walking along the high line canal trail system, and lounging on his Orvis beds ( one outside and one inside- he is really " Mr. Chill" but goes into high gear once the ball throwing begins. He will also just pick up the ball himself, throw it in the air , and delight in catching it! Along with wiggling his butt all the while) The other day we were watching the girls high school tennis team practice, and his head was turning left and right , watching the ball fly across the net, just like a human spectator!
He has a slight under bite, and it is on display daily… he raises his lips up and "smiles"… very entertaining and proof that he is so happy as our four legged blonde teenager! He also is great with other dogs, especially " the ladies", and likes romping around with his favorite girlfriend, a standard poodle, who lives up the street. "

"First of all I would like to say thank you a million times to Safeharbor Lab Rescue. Your diligent efforts and concern for our four-legged friends has blessed our family deeply. Toby is now a full-fledged family member and is loved dearly. He is gone from 19 pounds when we got him a month and a half ago to 40 pounds currently. He loves to hike and he loves his training sessions. He especially loves his stuffed frog. Toby is doing well with his obedience training and is learning the commands easily. We couldn't be more fortunate to have received such a wonderful dog. Thank you for blessing our home and our hearts with this magnificent animal.

Truly your friends for life,

(Toby's) family"


"We think it's important to let our dogs' rescues know how they're doing. It has to be very satisfying to you all to place dogs in loving homes when they otherwise might've been put down. We think rescue dogs know they've been rescued because they seem to want to perform better to make us happy. We just want them to live their lives being who they want to be.

Our little Bean is a dog who a lot of people either would've returned or put down because she really does have a lot of behavioral issues. Ted and I love her even more because of those issues and we're so proud of her for having come so far in such a short time (almost 2.5 years). She is a loving, sweet, happy dog and we're convinced that it took a strict routine for her to become that way. She needs structure or she gets afraid. When she knows that she gets let out every 2-3 hours, she gets fed at the same time every day, and there is playtime, she knows what to expect and when to expect it, and she doesn't fear what's going to happen to her because she knows she's going to get cuddled multiple times a day! She finally knows she's love and she belongs.

Although Bean's "candy coating" is Chocolate Lab, her "nougat center", i.e. her personality, is all terrier (we had her DNA tested and ¼ of her is terrier mix). We had a terrier before so we knew what we were in for. She needs to know her boundaries and most of the time she stays within them. And then there are days……. 

One thing that Bean does that is funny (most days!) is she likes to sit in front of Ted when he puts on his socks. We still can't figure out why she's so interested.

All of you at Safe Harbor are guardian angels to them. Without people like you, dogs like Bean wouldn't have a chance. And as always, Bean sends her eternal thanks for finding her a forever home and a family who adores her!" (From Lisa and Ted, who adopted Bean.)

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