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Coordinating Impact in Rural Larimer County 2019

Partnership for Age Friendly Communities in Larimer County

The Partnership For Age-Friendly Communities in Larimer County (PAFC) is expanding its work in rural areas of Larimer County to unify and extend community engagement in areas of rural mobility/transportation solutions, awareness of & access to resources in rural areas, and efforts to decrease isolation and unsafe living situations. Goals include coordinating the outreach, collaborator workplans and community involvement efforts; increase the service options available to rural communities in areas of transportation, information and access to services, and home-based health and safety; promote awareness of Senior Access Points that provides age-related resources (; and promote emergency preparedness and training.

Isolated residents, older adults and those with disabilities in rural Larimer County face unique challenges to resources, accessible and affordable transportation, social and geographic isolation, and solutions to safely aging in place.
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Partnership For Age-Friendly Communities
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