United Way of Pueblo County, Colorado, Inc.

For over 95 years, your United Way of Pueblo County has served as a driving force in our community, bringing hope, compassion and help to those in need. Thanks to donors just like you, we have helped make our community stronger. Without a doubt, every dollar counts and makes a big difference.

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General Information

Official Name
United Way of Pueblo County Colorado Inc​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Former Name(s)
(1975)United Fund of Pueblo County, Colorado, Inc.
Date Established
Offers Additional Colorado State Tax Credit
Tax ID
Headquarters Address
PO Box 11566
Pueblo, CO 81001
Colorado Location
Mailing Address
Other Address
PO Box 11566
Pueblo, CO 81001

301 E. Abriendo Ave., Suite 300
Pueblo, CO 81004
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Mission Statement

United Way of Pueblo County's mission is to develop donor resources to enhance the quality of life for the people of Pueblo County.

Organization History

The spirit of philanthropic giving began in Pueblo in 1923 when community leaders raised $105,000 by going door-to-door. It was known first as the Community Chest, then the United Fund and now, United Way. While the name changed, the mission remained constant--to raise funds whereby donors could give to a single effort and help support the array of needed and critical services in our community.

Today, the same mission leads United Way of Pueblo County --'to develop donor resources to enhance the quality of life for the people of Pueblo County'. United Way of Pueblo County is autonomous, directing our own course based on community needs and the direction given by our governing board.

Remarkably, over the years United Way of Pueblo County has raised over $47,000,000 in campaign funds alone. The power of United Way is a result of a community-wide collaboration to help those in need.

United Way of Pueblo County relies on hundreds of committed volunteers each year to raise and allocate funds to help solve the most critical issues of our community through various health and human service agencies. Knowledgeable volunteers are also dedicated to ensuring good stewardship of funds, and low overhead. Today, United Way funds over 25 different nonprofit organizations who provide service in the areas of youth development, basic food and shelter, domestic/child abuse, childcare, crisis services and counseling, dental services for the indigent and independence assistance for seniors - and much more. Because of the generosity of Pueblo citizens throughout the years, thousands of individuals and families lives have been touched. We thank you for your support.


"UW funding helps to ensure that young people living in high-risk environments have the support and opportunities they need to graduate from high school on-time, and with a plan for their future." - United Way of Pueblo County funded agency

"You will never know how really grateful I am and always will be for United Way of Pueblo County helping me when I needed it so desperately. I thank you all again." - Citizen who benefited from your generosity.

"UW dollars keep children in school, family units together in homes and hope alive for those striving to keep their worlds from falling into despair." - UWPC funded agency

"God bless United Way here in Pueblo for helping fund this grief support counseling. Without this, I don't think my husband and I would have survived our son's death. The people who give to United Way of Pueblo County ought to be proud of their donation and what it does to help their neighbor!"- Citizen who benefited from your generosity

"I knew United Way of Pueblo County funded kids programs, but I never realized they funded programs like suicide prevention. I guess you don't even think much about suicide until someone you love dies. Then it is the biggest thing in your life. Thank you for being there, United Way." - Citizen who benefited from your generosity

"My husband lost his job recently and we did not know where to turn for help. Our child needed a medical prescription and we called United Way. They explained that we could get help from a program they fund. United Way was positive and friendly, and we got the help we needed."- Citizen who benefited from your generosity

"I liked finding solutions and hearing ideas to help me make my money stretch. I have more hope that I can keep a roof over our heads and keep my children warm. Thank You." - Citizen who benefited from your generosity

"Donors should know that United Way member agencies are held accountable to the community, and they can be confident that their pledges will serve those truly in need." - UWPC Funded Agency

"The mentoring program provided by United Way is a vital link to personal and academic success. The role models and inspirational messages conveyed by the mentors give students a path to make their way through very difficult life situations. The smiles and can do attitudes are evident during the mentoring sessions, as well as the tears and struggles mentors confront. The mentors are sterling examples of dedication of the highest order. Finally, the field trips the students experience with their mentors are exceptional. Seeing the world outside of the school gives students even more reason to want to work hard and be successful at school and in their personal lives. The time and resources committed to our students for these trips are quadrupled by the benefits. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts!" - Paula Loeske, Heaton Middle School Counselor

"I can better take care of my husband with Parkinson's disease and devote time to him with the cheerful assistance of our provider." - Client helped by your generosity

"These dollars provide a hand up to Pueblo's working poor families by stabilizing an otherwise catastrophic personal disaster in their lives." - UW funded organization

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