Promise Ranch Therapies & Recreation

In summer 2021 we moved to a new location in Castle Rock - a home of our very own! The property we purchased is 49 years old and has good bones, but needs many repairs and updates: fence repairs on 17 acres, bathroom updates & make them ADA accessible, update the barn and horse turn-outs, and more.

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General Information

Official Name
Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Promise Ranch Therapies & Recreation
Former Name(s)
(2021)Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding
Date Established
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Colorado Location
873 Lake Gulch Road
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 545
Franktown, CO 80116
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to Enhance our Community Through Connection and Inclusion.

Promise Ranch provides Equine-Assisted Services for children and adults with developmental, physical, social or emotional healing needs.
We offer Adaptive Riding, Horse-Mounted Therapies, Horsemanship for Veterans, and Ranch-based Occupational, Speech and Mental Health Therapies.

At Promise Ranch, lives are changed through working with horses - whether our clients are in a saddle or working on the ground, riding or grooming, or experiencing how horses respond to the facial expressions and moods of people around them.

The benefits of improved social, cognitive, physical or emotional growth don't just stay at the barn; those benefits go out the door with our clients and into their everyday lives.
A teen learns valuable skills in empathy and assertiveness through equine-assisted counseling: Horses are herd animals and look for a leader, so teens must stand out and become leaders.
A person who uses a wheelchair is able to experience, on horseback, the same neuromuscular sensation felt during walking. No machine can provide what a horse's movement can: movement most similar to the human gait.
A previously nonverbal child says, "Walk on," to ask her horse to move. Horses are inspiring, and they can motivate humans to feel, do and say powerful things!

Organization History

Founded in 2010 as Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding, the organization originally had the purpose of providing equine-assisted activities for children and adults with disabilities. Because the gait of the horse mimics the natural gait of the human walk, horse-mounted therapies are effective for treating neurological and developmental conditions.
Through the years, the broader social-emotional-cognitive benefits of equine-assisted therapies have been validated and the demand for these services has increased. In response to community demand, Promise Ranch began offering multi-disciplinary services in 2020. In February 2021, the organization changed its name to Promise Ranch Therapies & Recreation, a name which more accurately reflects our expanded programming and plans to further grow.
We serve over 100 participants each week, and we partner with 10 wonderful therapy horses who help to make our program possible.
Not only does Promise Ranch promote the social, emotional and physical well-being of participants, the organization also fulfills a desire for community members to give back through our volunteer program. We have over 150 active volunteers, donating over 400 hours monthly, helping with horses in therapy sessions, barn chores, or facility improvements.

Since 2010, PRTR has grown significantly. This year, moved from a leased facility to our very own Ranch in Castle Rock!

Fast facts and where your donation goes:
80% of our clientele has an intellectual or developmental disability
20% of our clientele comes to the Ranch to work on mental wellness and emotional healing
We provide sliding scale fees and scholarships to those unable to afford the cost of therapy.
$150 will provide one therapy session for one client
The yearly cost to care for just one therapy horse is $6,900
$3,000 provides monthly hay for our herd
$125 provides one bale of hay - one day's worth!
$145 provides monthly grain for one horse
$267 provides monthly shoes for Tate or Poncho
$50 pays for a hoof trim for Ryker or Velvet


10-year-old Cora said: "I like (coming to Promise Ranch) because of the horses and the teachers, and how the teachers help you through stuff and how they talk to you and make you feel calm and get through your feelings. I like it because I get to play games and if I don't want to talk to my parents I can talk to one of my teachers here and feel comfortable and get help with something I am struggling with. I like that the horses can also help you stay calm sometimes. If you like horses it might be good to come here. I've learned about the horses, how to tell how they feel sometimes, when they are feeling something you can tell mostly by their ears, and their facial expressions."

Promise Ranch's Occupational Therapist Danielle Braman reported: "Noah's journey at the Ranch has made me so proud to be his occupational therapist! When Noah arrived for his first hippotherapy session, he was terrified of all the animals, especially the horses. He actually threw a handful of stones right at the horse! However, through patience, hard work and building trust in me and the horses, Noah began riding this fall. Now, Noah looks forward to coming to weekly therapy at the ranch. He jumps right on Lucky with no hesitations. He is a special rider. Being able to watch the beautiful bond that can happen between a boy and a horse brings me so much joy and reaffirms exactly why I love my job as an occupational therapist at Promise Ranch!"

Erin Young said: "We are so thankful for Promise Ranch Therapies and Recreation. Our son, Carter, has a rare seizure syndrome. Because of this, he is globally delayed and has several physical limitations. You can imagine our delight when we found out that he would be able to have weekly Hippotherapy sessions to address some of his challenges. Each week Carter is able to work on his bilateral control, range of motion, balance, and core strength. He also gets to feel confident, loved, and has time to feel like a real person.
What is also powerful to watch, is my son's connection to the horses he rides. He is fortunate to have made two new horse friends - Kola and Poncho! They are patient with him. They listen to what his body is telling them. And he is able to pet them and give them a kiss at the end of each ride. It would make anyone watching be filled with gratitude for these horses.
The staff at the Promise Ranch has been wonderful. Currently, we are working with Kaity. I was first drawn to her true love of horses, and since then have admired her therapy approach and dedication to my son. And we are so thankful for the volunteers! Carter almost always has the same volunteers, Jim and Jamie. They have created quite a relationship and they always make Carter feel safe and happy. What a wonderful added bonus to therapy!
Thank you Promise Ranch for all you do for my son!"

Daniel's grandparents told us: "Daniel is our 12 year old with Down Syndrome. We came to Promise Ranch with high hopes of Daniel increasing his large motor activity, and he has benefitted so far beyond our initial hopes. He loves horses and was hesitant at first, but the staff was encouraging and patient and now he can't wait to be at the ranch and to see the horses. We have seen great strides in many areas. While his balance is greatly improved in class, we see how that has helped him in general with running, playing, stairs, and much more. We also see the improvement in his core strength which has helped his posture and general activities. He has even improved his speech as he has learned to communicate effectively with the horse and therapist. Finally, he has built tremendous confidence on the horse, which is displayed in other settings.
We are grateful to Promise Ranch and their tremendous programs!"

Carson S. said: "I like coming to Promise Ranch because the people are so nice. They play fun games and it doesn't even seem like work. I get stronger and get to practice conversation. I like horseback riding!"

Sarah's parents told us: "Sarah LOVES going to Promise. She gets up on Saturday and puts on all of her horse gear so she can go ride her horse, Lucky. She was up so early to go there this weekend that we had trouble getting her to understand that we still had to wait 2.5 hours before we could leave! With her blue sweatshirt on, you can't see the horse shirt that she's wearing, and her pink boots are covering her horse socks. She was so happy that her new horse riding gloves came this week. We've tried several other hippotherapy options and they weren't on the same level as Promise. I'm so happy we tried one more before giving up."

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